10 November 2009

[fiction] Why you shouldn't keep your child in a school where M$'s son study

This is a small article which highlight the reasons why you should
keep your child (A) in a school where M$'s son (B) is a classmate. If
you do so, your child will get following problems.

1) B's has already taken a patent on a unique notemaking technique in
classroom. (Actually, that notemaking technique is noting but B is
making his note from blue/red/black pen which he use to make his note
attractive. He claim that, using use colours will make more readable
notes and thus better understanding of notes). Prior to this patent,
everybody was using pencil. So nobody has taken care about this unique
notemaking technique using blue/black pen. but recently B has made a
MoU with teachers that no student are allow to use pencil in school.
Thus child A, will be unable to make notes in classroom.

2) Recently B's dad (Mr Dindows) has made some bribe to school
authority that they should include some Proprietary software from Mr
Dindows Research Lab into the school syllabus. Now child A will be
forced to use those crap and insecure software. child A will become a
"dependant labour" of tools from Dindows Research Lab. Moreover you
need to pay huge fees of school for maintaining such crap and high
price software. Child A will never feel the freedom of using Free and
Open Source Software.

3) Child B, has taken a new patents in drawing classes too. (it was a
20 page document, I too was unable to understand, but in short, It was
a drawing technique and most of the drawing fall into that category).
Child A will get zero number in drawing subjects.

4) Child B, has also made a new patent on asking problems after the
classroom lectures. asking problems was not a trend in this school but
genius grad B had invented this technique. because this patent
restriction, your child will not be able to ask problem after
classroom lectures.

5) Child B's dad (Mr Dindows) is also coming with new software and
online exams tools free of cost. school authority is a blind fellow
who do not care about close source insecure software. Because the
source code of these tools are closed, we cannot determine accuracy if
such exam tools. child B can cheat by this way. I have made a written
complain on this issue to school authority but they replied back me
that they trust B and his activity. I should think twice before
targeting such genius student.

DISCLAIMER : This is a work of fiction and any resemblance between the
characters and persons living or dead is purely coincidental

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