09 November 2009

After the FOSS Workshop at KIIT

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Well I know its just around two weeks to the day when FOSS workshop was organised at KIIT and this post is basically to tell some +ve developments at my college which have taken place in this time..

Right from the start Our Director sir supported us but now he has more faith in this and we will soon be making a FOSS group at college level which will be looking after FOSS related things like substituting all the proprietary software with FOSS and even introducing an extra subject in the 1st year's syllabus so that the freshers can start with basic knowledge about FOSS from 1st year only + programs for 2nd and 3rd year too for this I am in regular touch with Narendra ji he even came to my college once and we discussed the Syllabus too........

I also distributed n pasted some flyers in the campus + that 10T Crore benefit with FOSS IIM-B report ( ) too and now some students as well as teachers have understood why am I doing it and what this FOSS is all about so they ask me for more info and have started taking interest in what developments are taking place in college regarding this.

A recent incident which gave me another boost was when the Library Incharge ( Deepak Sir) came to me when I was reading LFY and asked about what things are these, started talking about eGranthalay, told that it is much better than the current software installed in the library and after that I told him a bit about Linux , then he just asked me to install it soon so I said fine and finally today I installed Ubuntu in one of the System in the library and the Lib. staff was all happy to know that something new has been installed in the lib. and happy to know about the movement, they all praised me for what I did and then started using Ubuntu + they also helped in pasting some windows7sins flyers on the wall & that 10T crore report...........

So all in all after the workshop it is good to see people becoming aware of things asking for Ubuntu & Fedora Cd's how to installs and much more hope for more in the near future.

Well officially the making of FOSS group and other changes are right now postponed to next semester because of exams but for me it is ALWAYS ON and I am trying my level best to help people with things and will always do but still this something for mass so I need your support really and rest everything will be taken care of by God !!

With this I have understood one thing that still there are people who praise good things and want to see good happening to others.............

Hopefully will give you more updates soon well for now thanks for reading this...............

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