20 September 2009

What is Freedom Bucket

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Freedom Bucket : is a idea coined by me to make a special directory in Linux based system which will contain only Open Format files for images, ogv , ogg for video and audio.

There will be a daemon who will watch the content of this directory. Whenever user copy paste any new fies (Ex , new jpg images from his camera or new video files in mp4 format), freedom deamon will convert these new files into corresponding open standard format.

The aim of this project to remove non-standard and royalty based format from earth. It will be useful for those persons who want to use only open format.

I have done jpg to png conversion with some issues. I will cover video and office document format later.

If you want to join project then please mail me.
** narendra DOT sisodiya AT gmail DOT com

Project Home page -


Anonymous said...

Whats the point? Why do you want to change JPG to PNG when JPG serves your purpose well? I think the whole "freedom" thing is being blown out of proportion. Users don't really care about "freedom" and using "free" formats. They care about "usability", and "ease of use" more than anything else. Developers should concentrate their efforts in creating a better user experience for Linux users, that can be enough motivation for Windows/Mac users to switch to a free and usable alternative. Efforts in any other direction are, well, nothing more than fun activities (I wanted to say pointless, but since you learn by having fun in what you do, I wont say that.)
PS : I'm no Windows/Mac user. I use Linux full time. And I think more than the whole "freedom and free format" thing, Linux needs a better user experience. Current UIs are nowhere close to what a Mac offers.

Manu said...

A reply to the above comment
Freedom is meant for those users too who care about open formats and want to use open formats.
Probably you should read this

PS : If you are against free softwares, you will start liking it.

Manu said...

Instead of copying it will be better that straight away convert into Open format
I mean copying a file will take some time (T1), then converting the file will take another time (T2) and then deleting the old format another small amount of time (t).
Total time T = T1 + T2 +t.

But straight away locating the file from the external storage converting it into the reqiured directory will be more efficient.

Anonymous said...

How many times do you really need to look whats inside a jpg/png file? Don't you just open it with a picture viewer? Or do you do something exotic like cat myimage.png and pipe some grep/awk/sed magic to be able to see the image in ASCII?
I'm all for openness. I need to know what I'm dealing with. Thats the whole reason why I use Linux. I know what/where/why everything is. Everything is open.
But converting jpg to png?!?!?! Seriously?!?!?!
Pardon the tone, but I really think such projects, from the moment they are conceived, are nothing but a waste of time.

Narendra Sisodiya said...

plz read -

Anonymous said...

I read that page when Manu gave me the link. So you can assume I have the required background. Though you haven't answered any of my questions yet. I'd really appreciate if you do.
On a side-note btw, do you stop using Blogger since you don't have access to its source code? If the sole reason of this project is that there might be some foo-magic-bing-a-ling inside the jpg format which might harm your privacy (God knows why), why even care to use proprietary products like blogger, gmail, google docs, or anything for that matter?

Narendra Sisodiya said...

I use gmail blogger and many other things as service and not software. same applies with Google search also. They are selling service and it is not a harm. If they sell Software then I will oppose them,

Anonymous said...

Well you cant really be sure what Blogger is doing with your blog posts, apart from publishing them of course. Or for that matter, what Google is doing with your docs, apart from saving them for you.
Last I saw, the notes shared on Facebook were being indexed by Google, and you could access them via Google as they are, as a 3rd person. No questions asked. No permissions needed. That is a threat to privacy.
Just take a look at, and you'll know what Google is doing with your searches.
You don't have their source codes, right? So if you're allowing companies to save your data ON THE INTERNET, why bother encoding the data on your home machine?

linuxrocks said...

@Anonymous: I think what ever Narendra sir is doing, he is doing due to his love for open standards. and therefore he is completely justified.

@ Narendra sir: I will like to contribute to this amazing project. Will this be fine?

rm said...

Narendra Sisodiya --
why don't you follow your own advice and read ?
It lists JPEG as being an example of an unencumbered, not proprietary format. Why convert JPEG to PNG?

Anonymous said...

Oh, and btw, when you commit the code to the Google Code repository, it should be "Check in", and not "Check out".
Check the log message here

Narendra Sisodiya said...


linuxrocks said...

Narendra sir,

Please give a fitting reply to this anonymous. We open source lovers are banking on you sir. Please show us the light.

Narendra Sisodiya said...

Thanks for your love and concern. I can reply but getting into debate won't make thing right or wrong. Right is always right and i know i am right. I am in job now, i only gets 2-3 hours per day and some more hours in weekend which I devote for coding and other foss tasks/contributions. I do not want to waste time on "Anonymous". But surely I will write a detailed article very soon.

Anonymous said...

Being wrong and still not realizing it. My my. :-)
I don't want to get into any debate. It harms productivity I know that. But I seriously doubt where do you think this project will go.
Build something that you think people will use. Building anything else is good as a fun activity. But seriously, try and build things which people can actually use. Good luck for your future endeavors. I'll continue following this blog. :-)

Rakesh said...

Hey Narendra,
Remember me. I was in you hostel at IIT. where are working these days man.

rexmo said...

I would LOVE to see the freedom bucket expanded to also include such files as .lit .pdf etc. This concept is excellent and I hope to see it expanded.
Kind Regards,