25 September 2009

what is Distro XML

Long time ago I came to know about Linux Family Tree graph.
Ex -

But most of the images are in png format. If somebody want to add a new Distro inside it will be difficult.

So here is a solution :
One can comeup with writing xml file for all Distro like

<Distro id="fedora11">
<dateofrelease month"6" date="9" year="2009"/>

one can get long list of distro's information on

If we can prepare such xml file for all distro then it will be easy to convert them to svg or png format. This Distro XML file can be used used along with XSLT transformation to generate svg image. This file can be use to process that how many distro use kernel 2.6 and up. Or one can plot number of Distros vs Time graph by 10 lines of jQuery Code.
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