18 September 2009

Removed Windows Key from Keyboard

On the eve of Software Freedom day (sfd 19 sept 2009), and for supporting I have removed my Windows Logo Key from my keyboard. I have thrown those keys key to dustbin. I have uploaded pics with #removewindowskey keyword on flicker - ( ) If you want to join this campaign then please throw windows key and upload pic with #removewindowskey tag.

I have Removed Windows Key from My Keyboard

and thrown to Dustbin


Unknown said...

I dont think so ,its very good idea to remove the key .for that u write some program make use that key for GNU/Linux key put TUX or GNU logo there . one fine day it get change to GNU key .


Unknown said...

Following David, I suggest to keep the key and put Tux Stickers. So May be in next workshop we will spread Tux stickers.

We also request to Keyboard manufacturers that they must provide option of Software Freedom Key instead of w32 key!

Devendra said...

I would like to put a 'tux' sticker on the windows key, as we can use this key in compiz fusion & its supported by KDE & GNOME environment. For further detail read "Uses in other Operating System" in this wiki page .
I have also configured this key to fire the terminal through "System > Preferences > Keyboard shortcuts" You can read about this in .
We can make a campaign of pasting 'tux' sticker over windows key and teaching people how to use this key in GNU/Linux.

Unknown said...

U could have pasted some sticker on it rather than removing it. bad choice guy

Narendra Sisodiya said...

I love GNU/Linux Distos a lot but replacing it with tux sticker will be another mistake. Keyboard keys must be OS neutral. I recommand all keyboard vendors to call it as "SuperKey" and put logo of superman over it. keyboard vendors can call it System key and "System logo" too.

Anonymous said...

Isn't it possible to just scratch the logo, making it a blank key ?