15 September 2009

Everything Without Flash

We all know that modern Web Browser now support SVG (AniJaX , Animation using javascript and Xml), Canvas tag & HTML Video Tag. Most of the browser support or going to support all these open stuff. Now Open Web Application do not need flash plugins.

jQuery has done a remarkable progress in front-end web development. At the same time many project are now using SVG. Yet we need powerful API which use SVG & Canvas API to make animation and games. Probably a new out of box frameworks for animations. With the release of html 5 video tag the need of flash is almost died.

But many web sites (I think youtube too) is still using flash. Here is a idea. One can comeup with a server with high bandwidth where user will give youtube url and server will convert youtube video in ogg file in real time and then it will send to user. Conversion will be needed only one time. The benefits is that user will be able to view videos without flash. Also Everybody will visit this central server so server admin can earn from Ads or Donations.


shirishag75 said...

Dailymotion did something similar. You could also see and they took lot of time to complete the same.

I'm not saying its not doable but for whosoever does it (sponsors the server) what's their benefit in it?

Also SVG support is still iffy in many versions of the browsers.

For an e.g. see and see this in FF 3.5, 3.6 and 3.7 you will see differing results.

Then see different browsers and see how much of them are able to render the SVG animations correctly.

Its a long haul thing. People have to take an interested position, file bugs and get things moving for it to happen.

Mike Samuel said...

Youtube uses flash by default but there is an HTML5 version. Go to to see it in action.

Narendra Sisodiya said...

@Mike Samuel
Thanks a lot for youtube info