25 September 2009

Smart use of Gmail Filter and Label

I just figured out the solution of my old problem. I am a member of many mailing lists and I use to get many mail. During conversation , mails which are having "@narendra or hi narendra" are difficult to trace out. Today I just made a new filter in gmail so that any reference to me will be labeled as "Narendra" and I choose Red color for it. Now I can easily traceout those mails.

what is Distro XML

Long time ago I came to know about Linux Family Tree graph.
Ex -

But most of the images are in png format. If somebody want to add a new Distro inside it will be difficult.

So here is a solution :
One can comeup with writing xml file for all Distro like

<Distro id="fedora11">
<dateofrelease month"6" date="9" year="2009"/>

one can get long list of distro's information on

If we can prepare such xml file for all distro then it will be easy to convert them to svg or png format. This Distro XML file can be used used along with XSLT transformation to generate svg image. This file can be use to process that how many distro use kernel 2.6 and up. Or one can plot number of Distros vs Time graph by 10 lines of jQuery Code.

22 September 2009

list all files is a directory recursively

You might be furstated with $ls <dir-path> -lR, The better way to do this is
$find <dir-path> -type f

20 September 2009

What is Freedom Bucket

[Image credit : ]

Freedom Bucket : is a idea coined by me to make a special directory in Linux based system which will contain only Open Format files for images, ogv , ogg for video and audio.

There will be a daemon who will watch the content of this directory. Whenever user copy paste any new fies (Ex , new jpg images from his camera or new video files in mp4 format), freedom deamon will convert these new files into corresponding open standard format.

The aim of this project to remove non-standard and royalty based format from earth. It will be useful for those persons who want to use only open format.

I have done jpg to png conversion with some issues. I will cover video and office document format later.

If you want to join project then please mail me.
** narendra DOT sisodiya AT gmail DOT com

Project Home page -

18 September 2009

Removed Windows Key from Keyboard

On the eve of Software Freedom day (sfd 19 sept 2009), and for supporting I have removed my Windows Logo Key from my keyboard. I have thrown those keys key to dustbin. I have uploaded pics with #removewindowskey keyword on flicker - ( ) If you want to join this campaign then please throw windows key and upload pic with #removewindowskey tag.

I have Removed Windows Key from My Keyboard

and thrown to Dustbin

17 September 2009

Play Any Video on Firefox

Now you do not need any software and plugin for watching videos. All you need to install Firefox on your system. After that you do not need to install any flash plugins too.

This is a 2 step process :
Step 1 = Convert :
Case 1 : Online Videos
If the video is available online (on YouTube or Vimeo) then you can use to convert it to Ogg format and view using Firefox. Firefox .3.5+ has native support to watch/play/stream ogg videos. (native support means you do not need flash plugin).
You can use another utility called "Video DownloadHelper 4.6.2 " ( ) addon on Firefox. This is a firefox specific solution. After installing it, you will a download button.
* Click on "Download and Convert"
* click on "Details"
* Select Output format as "Ogg"
* Video codec : libtheora
* Audio codec :verbois
* Extention : ogg
Save it as Ogg profile.

This will download and convert files into ogg (ogv) format and It will be save your system.

Case 2 : Local videos
You can install OggConvert GUI utility ( ) - It is a GUI based utility which will convert video to ogg format. You can install it using

$ yum install oggconvert
You can convert AVI files to ogg using ffmpeg2theora ( )
$ ffmpeg2theora nuxified.avi
Step 2 = View It : for watching ogg , just right click and Open with Firefox. You can also watch on VLC but i prefer Firefox because I feel a better quality with Firefox. Only one thing was missing in Firefox - "Full Screen html5 video playback" So here is the solution - Just install this addon - Now you can watch full screen video iin Firefox.

15 September 2009

Everything Without Flash

We all know that modern Web Browser now support SVG (AniJaX , Animation using javascript and Xml), Canvas tag & HTML Video Tag. Most of the browser support or going to support all these open stuff. Now Open Web Application do not need flash plugins.

jQuery has done a remarkable progress in front-end web development. At the same time many project are now using SVG. Yet we need powerful API which use SVG & Canvas API to make animation and games. Probably a new out of box frameworks for animations. With the release of html 5 video tag the need of flash is almost died.

But many web sites (I think youtube too) is still using flash. Here is a idea. One can comeup with a server with high bandwidth where user will give youtube url and server will convert youtube video in ogg file in real time and then it will send to user. Conversion will be needed only one time. The benefits is that user will be able to view videos without flash. Also Everybody will visit this central server so server admin can earn from Ads or Donations.