22 February 2009

National Level Drupal Meetup at IIT Delhi

Drupal Delhi meetup is a gathering of drupal enthusiasts in Delhi. This meetup is focused at getting together and coding for drupal. The event will focus on module development and theme development for drupal. There will be two talks, one focused on drupal module development and another one focused at drupal theme development. Following the talks we will have hacking session for coding a module and a theme.

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20 February 2009

pause in setTimeout

Hi, I have implemented a wrapper for "pausing a timed functional call using setTimeout" function in javascript. Here is the code ..

function Animator_Class(){
this.TID = null ;
this.funvar = null;
this.interval = null;
this.start_time = null;

Animator_Class.prototype.start_timer = function(){
this.TID = window.setTimeout(this.funvar , this.interval);
this.start_time = (new Date()).getTime();

Animator_Class.prototype.pause_timer = function(){
var curr_time = (new Date()).getTime();
var elapsed_time = curr_time - this.start_time ;
this.interval = this.interval - elapsed_time;

Animator_Class.prototype.setTimeout = function(funvar, interval){
this.funvar = funvar;
this.interval = interval;
this.TID = window.setTimeout(funvar,interval);
this.start_time = (new Date()).getTime();
Animator_Class.prototype.clearTimeout = function(){

Now if you want to use it in your code, use like this,,

TOB = new Animator_Class();
TOB.setTimeout('alert("OK")', 5000);

and in html forms use like,,

<input value="Pause" onclick="TOB.pause_timer()" type="button">
<input value="Start" onclick="TOB.start_timer()" type="button">

simple but important hack,,,,,,,,, :)

06 February 2009

Online web based SVG Editor

SVG-Edit is a online webbased svg editor which is a light weight , javascript driven solution to many svg application,

Please free to contribute. Join project to learn more on svg. This branch Project of "project Eduvid". Eduvid will use a small light weight freehand whiteboarding editor.

The final goal of this project to create a rich svg editor and support for user to save images and rate them.

Project Home :
Project Demo :

Demo version : 1.0

release history : 6 Feb 2009 : released version 1.0

Contact :

03 February 2009

SVG signature using javascript

I have created a very small project which let a user to draw a freehand signature on client side on webpage and signature will be saved to server by POSTing the dynamically generated svg as string to server. Hope this will help you.

This project will be highly useful for freehand whiteboard using svg specially Eduvid.
Demo --