31 December 2009

How to set CC-By-SA license on all of your flickr pics #flickr #ccbysa

I like CC-By-SA license a lot. but setting license of my pics one by
one was a hurdle.
I was not aware of the feature provide by flickr, that you can set
license to all of your pics at once.
Here is the procedure,

1) Open organize in flickr -
2) Look at bottom, click at select all

3) Drag all selected pics to main area

4) Click on Permission -> Select licensing

By -

│ Narendra Sisodiya ( नरेन्द्र सिसोदिया )
│ Society for Knowledge Commons
│ Web :

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30 December 2009

[tip] Floating Menu Bar #linux #gnome

In Gnome Desktop Environment you can see a menubar at top-leftmost
place. whenever you want to open some new task/application, you launch
from menu bar.
Here is a trick which can give you fast access to menu bar.

Step 1 : remove menu bar by right click at menu bar see pics

step2 : just press "Alt + F1" , your floating menu bar is with you :)

if you want add menu bar then you can add using "right click to panel
and all menu bar"

by narendra sisodiya

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Open source school management software

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From: Gaurav Paliwal
Date: Wed, Dec 30, 2009 at 3:10 PM
Subject: Re: [Ilugc] Open source school management software

> 1. Student information system (Online viewing of students activities both
> academic and extra-curricular,attendance,Marks grade etc).

Opensis (*http://opensis*.com/) : It is a very interesting tool to start
with . It stared with postgresql as backend database but soon migrated to
Mysql with the aim to be intergrated with Moodle (http://*moodle*.org/ ).So,
its really cool to deploy both opensis and moodle and wait for the opensis
integration with moodle so that they both can have a SSO.

Also not to forget they have a SMS module (not included in the community
version) that can be used to inform the parents about their wards
performance, attendance and other things

2. Library management module.

Koha (http://www.*koha*.org/)
NewgenLib (

Koha no doubt is the best available solution but govt. committees have more
confiidence in Newgenlib (because of unknown reasons :P ) so better go for
Newgenlib if you have to take permission from one of these yes of library
committees.Also I am a bit doubtfull about the acquisition module of the
koha , someone told me that this module is a bit cumbersome as far as Indian
financial auditing policies are concerned

Also another important things to note here is that whether the staff and
student of that school will take it or not as login to all these services
are separate and it will be really painful for them to login into these
services separately.

You can also have a look at how HP govt. is going to implement this in all
its government school's in the coming time as deepak has told me long ago
that HP govt. is in process to have a Prop. solution for the same.

You may like to attend ( at IIT-Delhi.

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26 December 2009

how to make Benq U121 wireless working on karmic.

== How to make rt2870 Ralink chipset on Karmic ==
add following line into

blacklist rt2800usb
blacklist rt2870sta
blacklist rt2x00usb
blacklist rt2x00lib

and reboot
after booting, turn on your wireless, Everything will work fine :)

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24 December 2009

If Govt. pays for maps, does'nt the geographic data become public? #fosscomm

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From: vinay sreenivasa <>
Date: Wed, Dec 23, 2009 at 9:15 PM
Subject: [fosscomm] GIS Qn : If Govt. pays for maps, does'nt the geographic data become public?

Dear All,

Bangalore's municipal boundaries were re-drawn 3 years ago and the number of wards were increased. In order to have maps of all the new wards, the government has paid a private company (atleast 50 lakhs, not sure of the correct figure though) to get the maps done.

Here is a sample of the maps -

I needed the geographic data of Bangalore(shapefiles) and hence approached the government for the shapefiles, who in turn asked me to approach the private company. The representative of the private company initially said he cannot give me the shapefiles since his contract with the government was only to provide jpgs! He later said he'll discuss with the government and get back to me .

This raises a few questions-

1)Isn't 50 lakhs a large sum to just get jpg maps?

2)If the contract mentions maps only and doesn't specify jpgs, shouldn't the government be the owner of the data , that is the shapefiles?

3)Assuming in case the company does hand over the shapefiles to the government, what will be the policy governing public access to this data? I'm assuming existing policy framework does not contain guidelines for geographical/geospatial data. Anyone knows if this is right or wrong?

The only geographical data policy we seem to have have ( ) covers Survey of India and its maps only.

Also, there were plans to develop a National Geospatial Data Authority Bill but I cant find a draft of it anywhere.

Please do let me know your thoughts on the above.


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21 December 2009

Release of karma.js v2.0 #svg #js #API #education

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From: Bryan Berry
Date: Mon, Dec 21, 2009 at 8:18 AM

I am proud to release Karma version 0.2 today. karma.js is a library for
manipulating HTML 5 and SVG. It was developed specifically for educational
applications but can be used for general development

You can test out the demos here You need Firefox
3.5 or Google Chrome/Chromium to run the demo. We now have a well-documented
API and a four part tutorial.

The Karma Project aims to create high-quality open-source educational
software using openweb technologies for the Sugar desktop educational
environment. karma.js is a javascript library for manipulating HTML 5 and
SVG in any context.

New Features:
* Stable API
* Now much more reliable
* Pre-loading of SVG images
* 10+ example lessons

Features that didn't make it into Release 0.2:
* Internationalization mechanism for inline text
* New browsing layout (Chakra)

I am particularly proud of the Karma version of "Conozco a Uruguay". You can
try it out online right away.

If you are interested in Karma, the first step is to join our Google Group
and to look through our four-part tutorial series.

Tutorial series
* Introduction to karma.js,
* Comparing HTML 5 Canvas and SVG
* Digging into Inkscape
* JavaScript and SVG

I want to say thanks to the many people on the svg-dev mailing list and irc
channel who have been incredibly supportive, notably shepazu, csmrfx0,
narendra, codedread, JibberJim, and others.

Bryan Berry

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Firefox 3.5 most popular web browser worldwide

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From: Bryan Quigley
Date: Mon, Dec 21, 2009 at 1:17 AM
Subject: [ubuntu-in] Firefox 3.5 most popular web browser worldwide
To: Ubuntu India Local Community

Hi All,

According to StatCounter Global Statistics the most used browser
version on the web is Firefox 3.5. Congrats to Mozilla (and the open

But we can use this as a rallying call to do more. Let's Finish Off
IE6 (remove the links to IE8 and Safari if you want, and maybe add one
for Opera).

(I also posted this on my blog,
and if you use slashdot please +1 me)

The stats for India are unfortunately much more in favor of IE6
But together we can do something about that,

ubuntu-in mailing list

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20 December 2009

world's first OpenBSD installer on a USB stick

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From: Girish Venkatachalam <girishvenkatachalam AT>
Date: Fri, Dec 18, 2009 at 7:35 PM
Subject: [Ilugc] I have created an OpenBSD USB installer for 4.6
To: Indian Linux User Group Chennai <>

Dear all,

I have created the world's first OpenBSD installer on a USB stick.

Download and enjoy!

Should you require any help please mail me but for heaven's sake don't
mail to this mail ID. ;)


Ever yours,

Gayatri Hitech

SpamCheetah Spam filter:
ILUGC Mailing List:

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18 December 2009

Blender Game Contest 2010 #blender

Blender Game Contest 2010!

introduction: Things are gearing up for the 2010 Blender Game
competition. We saw similar contests organized by Erwin in 2006, 2007
and more recently the one organized by malcando earlier in 2009.

Blender is the open source software for 3D modeling, animation,
rendering, post-production, interactive creation and playback.
Available for all major operating systems under the GNU Public

Category: Similar to the game contest in 2009 there will be 3 main categories:
1) Gameplay/physics
2) Graphics
3) Logic bricks only
Deadline: The deadline is 1st February 2010, and the winners will be
shown at the Game Developers Conference in San Francisco in March

Awards: PlayStation 3 and Nintendo Wii & 500 Dollars in Cash.

Registration: For Online Registration Click



more here:

msg from :
│ Narendra Sisodiya ( नरेन्द्र सिसोदिया )
│ Society for Knowledge Commons
│ Web :

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16 December 2009

[tip] Shortcut for Compose mail in GNU OS

Here is a small tip
when ever I want to mail someting (mostly from gmail), it take
some effort to open Gmail UI which takes 20-30 second and then click
on "Compose mail". However you can directly load mail editor (gmail
Or whatever) using this trick
Right Click and Click on "Create Launcher" , and put Command ==
"firefox mailto://" -- see Image 1
this will load email editor. If you are like gmail then you can set
gmail as default editor in firefox by Firefox Preference -
"Application" -> set mailto (see image 2 )
After mailing launcher you can actually drag and paste the
icon on "menu Panels"

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14 December 2009

Students in India feel happy by "The M$ trap" #boycottnovell

I feel very bad when I see such type of mails. RKGIT is one institute
in Delhi India and This is just an example of students in India who do
not know about the M$ trap and do not awareness about FOSS and Open
Standards. I do not know when such school and Engineering college will
feel power and internal learning on FOSS tools in their syllabus.
I must say - "Indian govt must enforce certain rules on Microsoft and
other companies that they should not interfere with the education
system and do not send their crappy product in engineering colleges
and schools of my nation".

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From: yogesh singh
Date: Sat, Dec 12, 2009 at 12:05 AM
Subject: [rkgtech] [Regarding RKGIT & Microsoft Developers Network Alliance]
To: rkgtech , rkgfest


Good news to u all !!!

All the students of RKGIT (B Tech, MBA, MCA, B Pharma) who so ever
owns a computer PC/Laptop are entitled to use genuine windows XP/
Vista, Visual Studio, SQL Server etc for free through MSDN Alliance.
Now, ask for your genuine key from the System Administrator Mr.
Satsangi OR Maintenance In Charge Mr. Vinod Kashyap. If you face any
problem regarding getting the keys please contact me.

Also, the students who are using windows OS and not using a licensed
version if caught during audit, organisation is going to take
serious actions against them.

Thanks & Regards

Yogesh Singh

Placement Executive
Department of Training & Placement
RKG Group of Institutions

yogesh.singh AT

│ Narendra Sisodiya ( नरेन्द्र सिसोदिया )
│ Society for Knowledge Commons
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26 November 2009

Decision-matrix for choosing between Windows and Linux

Retrieved from -


This page presents a comparison between Windows and linux on various parameters and serves as a basis for making a choice. It also provides a TCO comparison of Windows vs Linux over a 3-year cycle.
- Decision-makers involved with IT usage in a School, College or SOHO For ex IT administrators, Executive management, Computer Teachers etc
- Anyone interested in a comparison of Microsoft with Linux
Pre-requisites: None

Decision-matrix for choosing between Windows and Linux





Very Very High


  • High license fee

  • High cost of acquisition

  • High cost of maintenance

  • Zero license fee

Very High


  • Very High malware threat-levels

  • Active and high involvement required to manage the threat

  • Minimal threat from malware

  • Localized impact of malware if any


Upgrade path

  • Forced upgrade of hardware resources to keep up-to-date

  • No compulsion to upgrade hardware


Ease of Use

  • High level of user friendliness and familiarity

  • Learning curve for transition of existing users

  • Fewer problems with first-time users especially children/students



  • Vendor support readily available due to large installation base

  • Have to depend on community support

Cost comparison between Windows and Linux

Using Linux leads to cost reduction by 66%

Over a 3-year cycle, TCO of one computer:

  • using Windows – 46,500 INR
  • using Linux – 15,100 INR

Cost in INR






OS Licensing fee



Office Suite Licensing fee



Cost of Acquisition




Anti-virus subscription









Operating Costs




TCO over a 3-year cycle




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20 November 2009

WANTED: Students who want to learn OpenGL / Qt :)

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From: Akarsh Simha
Date: Fri, Nov 20, 2009 at 3:38 AM
Subject: [nitdgplug] [X-POST] WANTED: Students who want to learn OpenGL / Qt :)


If someone is interested in learning OpenGL / Qt, please let me know.

KStars, the application I maintain, requires a lot of love in this
aspect. Although it has a lot of features, it lacks eye-candy - mostly
because we don't use OpenGL.

If someone is interested in learning these by way of contributing to
KStars, please send me mail, and I should be able to help during

This is (hopefully) a win-win situation. KDE benefits by getting a
nice new GUI and you benefit by learning OpenGL/Qt and real world

1. C++
2. An open mind
3. A steep learning curve


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19 November 2009

Suggestion are invited for foss jobs website for India

I am in mid of creating the foss jobs website for foss job posting
in India. I am using jobberbase for this purpose. I need your
== job posting ==
* Any body will be able to post without registration
* posting will include category
** (HELP HELP) please suggest job category
*** C++, Java , Python, Javascript, Web, html5, Graphics designer,
CSS, C, EmbeddedC, Andriod
**** want some more
* posting will include type of job
*** full time, parttime, freelance
*** (HELP HELP ) suggest some more type -- volunteer, trainer,
* All posting will be available using autopost to twitter
* This will be a free of cost service, (yes we want foss adaptation)
* website widgets are available.
(HELP HELP) Anything else you want on such foss job board ? mail me
(narendra.sisodiya [at] Or reply here.
Here is our test setup -
within 1-2 days, setup will be transferred to main domain

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13 November 2009

[Commercial] Low cost Free Software CD/DVD distribution service

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From: Anoop John
Date: Fri, Nov 13, 2009 at 3:56 AM


For the last two years Zyxware has been successfully running a low
cost Free Software CD/DVD distribution service at People across India have been
utilizing this service to get access to the different Free Software
Operating Systems and other Free Software packages without having to
download them from the internet. Although we were running the service
at an at-cost policy and we did not promote it other than through the
user groups, it had succeeded in reaching to different parts across
the country. We are extremely grateful to the people who have helped
us in spreading the word about the RequestCD service.

We had to take down the old system as part of upgrading our site and
we have re-launched the Request CD service under an online shop at The requestcd URL will
take you directly to the list of Free Software distributions and
packages available from us. There are currently around 250 different
distributions, versions and full repositories available.

If you do not see a Free Software OS distributions or repository
online at the shop you can please let us know by email at and we will try to download and add them to the

If you like this service I would humbly request you to consider
blogging/twittering about the service and help us spread the word
about it. I hope that you will continue to find our Free Software
services useful and help us in spreading the power of Free Software
across the country. I look forward to hearing your

Anoop John

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10 November 2009

[fiction] Why you shouldn't keep your child in a school where M$'s son study

This is a small article which highlight the reasons why you should
keep your child (A) in a school where M$'s son (B) is a classmate. If
you do so, your child will get following problems.

1) B's has already taken a patent on a unique notemaking technique in
classroom. (Actually, that notemaking technique is noting but B is
making his note from blue/red/black pen which he use to make his note
attractive. He claim that, using use colours will make more readable
notes and thus better understanding of notes). Prior to this patent,
everybody was using pencil. So nobody has taken care about this unique
notemaking technique using blue/black pen. but recently B has made a
MoU with teachers that no student are allow to use pencil in school.
Thus child A, will be unable to make notes in classroom.

2) Recently B's dad (Mr Dindows) has made some bribe to school
authority that they should include some Proprietary software from Mr
Dindows Research Lab into the school syllabus. Now child A will be
forced to use those crap and insecure software. child A will become a
"dependant labour" of tools from Dindows Research Lab. Moreover you
need to pay huge fees of school for maintaining such crap and high
price software. Child A will never feel the freedom of using Free and
Open Source Software.

3) Child B, has taken a new patents in drawing classes too. (it was a
20 page document, I too was unable to understand, but in short, It was
a drawing technique and most of the drawing fall into that category).
Child A will get zero number in drawing subjects.

4) Child B, has also made a new patent on asking problems after the
classroom lectures. asking problems was not a trend in this school but
genius grad B had invented this technique. because this patent
restriction, your child will not be able to ask problem after
classroom lectures.

5) Child B's dad (Mr Dindows) is also coming with new software and
online exams tools free of cost. school authority is a blind fellow
who do not care about close source insecure software. Because the
source code of these tools are closed, we cannot determine accuracy if
such exam tools. child B can cheat by this way. I have made a written
complain on this issue to school authority but they replied back me
that they trust B and his activity. I should think twice before
targeting such genius student.

DISCLAIMER : This is a work of fiction and any resemblance between the
characters and persons living or dead is purely coincidental

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09 November 2009

After the FOSS Workshop at KIIT

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From: Parin Sharma <parin.sharma AT>
Date: Mon, Nov 9, 2009 at 11:46 AM
Subject: [LUG@IITD:5534] After FOSS Workshop at KIIT..........!!

Well I know its just around two weeks to the day when FOSS workshop was organised at KIIT and this post is basically to tell some +ve developments at my college which have taken place in this time..

Right from the start Our Director sir supported us but now he has more faith in this and we will soon be making a FOSS group at college level which will be looking after FOSS related things like substituting all the proprietary software with FOSS and even introducing an extra subject in the 1st year's syllabus so that the freshers can start with basic knowledge about FOSS from 1st year only + programs for 2nd and 3rd year too for this I am in regular touch with Narendra ji he even came to my college once and we discussed the Syllabus too........

I also distributed n pasted some flyers in the campus + that 10T Crore benefit with FOSS IIM-B report ( ) too and now some students as well as teachers have understood why am I doing it and what this FOSS is all about so they ask me for more info and have started taking interest in what developments are taking place in college regarding this.

A recent incident which gave me another boost was when the Library Incharge ( Deepak Sir) came to me when I was reading LFY and asked about what things are these, started talking about eGranthalay, told that it is much better than the current software installed in the library and after that I told him a bit about Linux , then he just asked me to install it soon so I said fine and finally today I installed Ubuntu in one of the System in the library and the Lib. staff was all happy to know that something new has been installed in the lib. and happy to know about the movement, they all praised me for what I did and then started using Ubuntu + they also helped in pasting some windows7sins flyers on the wall & that 10T crore report...........

So all in all after the workshop it is good to see people becoming aware of things asking for Ubuntu & Fedora Cd's how to installs and much more hope for more in the near future.

Well officially the making of FOSS group and other changes are right now postponed to next semester because of exams but for me it is ALWAYS ON and I am trying my level best to help people with things and will always do but still this something for mass so I need your support really and rest everything will be taken care of by God !!

With this I have understood one thing that still there are people who praise good things and want to see good happening to others.............

Hopefully will give you more updates soon well for now thanks for reading this...............

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My reply : Re: Career opportunity with a US based MNC (package upto 10 lacs)

I have now removed my resume form I request you
not to send job offer for this position. It is my request because
Software patents are bad for whole world. Software patents produce
monopoly which is resist development of other small companies. I am a
strong anti-patent advocate. I am advocating free and Open source
since 2 year.
You can read more on this -- Ex
Supporting evil things in any form is also a evil work and may
be you are not aware of this.
You are not a developer and for you it does not matter.
But I am a geek/developer and for person like me, this is a resistance and a hurdle. This is against our freedom to develope code. May you can
understand with this example.

"one smart boy found a good way to hire persons using Internet job
board, because the job board was having some good feature, search or
suggest job to friend (ex.), he hired some technical writer who can
fill up patent application on his behalf. Because that smart boy was
having good money and friends in patent office, he was able to set
patent law and gets these patent. Now that smart boy has patent of
that job board. Now you as a career counsellor want to make a new job
board and you can make a similar GUI or may be new feature. But by
doing this, you will be infringing patent of that smart boy. How you
will feel when your will sued for common GUI behaviour like drag/down
, and page up page down for your website which a school boy can code.
I hope you can understand my request.

On Mon, Nov 9, 2009 at 2:41 PM, jaserah wrote:
> Hi Mr Sisodiya,
> Its ok Sir. I have found your CV on May be there might be some mistakes.
> My apologies for the same
> Thanks & Regards
> Jaserah Ansari
> Clair Consulting
> Cell- +91 9811624754
> "If people around you are trying to pull you down, be proud about it. It only means one thing - you are above them"
> P Please consider your environmental responsibility and do not print this email, before printing asks yourself whether you really need a hard copy. Save Paper. Save Trees. Spread environmental awareness.
> -----Original Message-----
> From: narendra sisodiya []
> Sent: Monday, November 09, 2009 2:10 PM
> To: jaserah
> Subject: Re: Career opportunity with a US based MNC (package upto 10 lacs)
> Dear Jaserah,
> It was due an incorrect filter setting in my inbox (I was not aware of this post). Sorry if i hurt you. For your kind information, I have not applied my resume in job board as per my knowledge. Kindly let me know the source of my resume. I am sorry once again if i hurt you and I am sorry that I not at all interested in this kind of job.
> On Mon, Nov 9, 2009 at 1:50 PM, jaserah wrote:
> Hi Mr Sisodiya,
> Would advice you to remove your CV from the job boards if you are not interested for a job change.
> And by the way we are not looking for bloody idiots like you.
> Thanks & Regards
> Jaserah Ansari
> Clair Consulting
> "If people around you ar
> e trying to pull you down, be proud about it. It only means one thing - you are above them"
> P Please consider your environmental responsibility and do not print this email, before printing asks yourself whether you really need a hard copy. Save Paper. Save Trees. Spread environmental awareness.
> -----Original Message-----
> From: narendra sisodiya []
> Sent: Monday, November 09, 2009 1:09 PM
> To: jaserah
> Subject: Re: Career opportunity with a US based MNC (package upto 10 lacs)
> Fuck off !!
> On Mon, Nov 9, 2009 at 12:48 PM, jaserah wrote:
> Hi,
> We are a recruitment firm based in Delhi.
> Looking for Patent Analyst for our client -CPA Global (US based MNC). Please find below the details.
> Required M.Tech/ME Computers with good knowledge of Microsoft technologies and excellent communication skills.
> Salary not a constraint (6-10 lacs)
> Work location : Noida.
> If interested revert with your updated CV
> Kindly consider forwarding this career opportunity to friends and colleagues.
> Department:
> Microsoft Patent Research Services (MPRS)

> Job Title:
> Patent Analyst
> Role:
> Analyst
> Reporting To:
> Sr. Manager Patent Research Services/Asst. Manager

> Direct Reports:
> None

> Principal Purpose of the Job:

> It is a research oriented role and would require the candidate to have a sound conceptual understanding of current technologies in the computer science and engineering domain (mainly related to Microsoft technologies in such areas as Operating System, Data Communication, Computer Architecture etc. such as DotNet, etc). The candidate should also have sound analytical skills and exposure to web based search engines such as (Google, IEEE, ACM, etc).

> Main Accountabilities:

> 1) Conducting Prior Art Searches: Invention disclosures related to new technologies invented by our clients are passed on to our team of patent engineers. Our team supports the respective clients with inputs on the patentability aspects of the technology before the client decides to go ahead and file a patent application for the same. The role requires the incumbent:
> a) to understand the technological concepts / key features of the references passed onto us by the client,
> b) to scan the relevant databases, internet and other resources such as IEEE i.e. conduct prior art searches to find out if similar technologies exist.
> c) to map out the key features of the invention / new technology with those of the most comparable technologies in the found set to identify significant differences which could support the novelty aspects of the invention and hence its patentability.
> d) to present the findings to clients in the form of a detailed report.
> § Has a positive and constructive manner and is solutions focused
> § Is enthusiastic, determined to succeed & shows 100% commitment
> § Delivers to deadlines, follows up on commitments
> § Considers work from customer’s perspective to ensure customers needs are met
> § Works accurately under pressure (and enjoys it)
> § Has strong and effective communication skills and is able to deliver a clear message
> Provides a consistent, professional approach to all work to ensure complete client trust

> Interfaces:

> None

> Other Responsibilities:

> General
> § Team player
> § Ability to work accurately under pressure, regularly dealing with large volumes
> § Provide consistent high quality output

> Skills/ Experience Required:
> 1) Minimum an M. Tech. (Computer Science and Engg.). Ph.Ds. preferable..
> 2) Good understanding of Microsoft Technologies.
> 3) Excellent communication, particularly written communication skills.
> 4) Sensitivity to meeting deadlines
> Required behaviours/Competencies :
> § Has a positive and constructive manner and is solutions focused
> § Is enthusiastic, determined to succeed & shows 100% commitment
> § Delivers to deadlines, follows up on commitments
> § Considers work from customer’s perspective to ensure customers needs are met
> § Works accurately under pressure (and enjoys it)
> § Has strong and effective communication skills and is able to deliver a clear message

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05 November 2009

"Quick Start Chat" to Google Code Hosting for newbies {#qsc #google}

Hi, I normally avoid chatting on Linux topic. and I hate when someone ask his/her problem on chat. I hate because It is one to one communication. I redirect such newbies to mailing list so that other can participate into it. Google index mailing list thread so that other can read such thread after google search. But I found one useful thing in one to one chat system. one of one chat system can be useful for guiding the procedure to newbies.
Today when Abhishek Indoria (A 14 year old school boy, OLPC contributor) asked me how he can put his source code to some hosting site, I immediately got idea of "Quick Start Chat". In this system I have explained him each and every steps and he followed all steps. I always wanted to make a tutorial on how to get started with google code hosting but now I have spent 2-3 hour teaching on chat to produce "quick start chat". You can also blog such "quick start chat" as tutorial.

11:22 AM Abhishek: Dude, I know you may be you know about GIT? or subversion?
11:23 AM me: I have used only svn
but git is something which is better to learn
Abhishek: erm...I need to set up my whole project source code online...
how do I do that?
11:24 AM me: you can do it using sourceforge or Google code hosting
google code hosting use SVG
you can use github too
github use GIT
11:25 AM Abhishek: seems good...But, I need to upload the Source in zip or rar or .tar format instead of editing version like GIT or SVN?
me: no no ,, do not upload tar or zip file
11:26 AM first create a project on these site
and then make a checkout
Abhishek: I have created the project...Checkout?
me: yes,,, checkout the empty project
Abhishek: You know, I feel like stupid as I am only 14 and have loads to learn;)
me: then put your files into it
11:27 AM seee, I learn these things at the age of 24,,,
after making a empty checkout ,, you need to paste files into it
then add files using
11:28 AM svn add filename.cpp
after that you need to comit the files
using "svn ci" command
Abhishek: Ohh..Okay, I am logging into sourceforge...I'll see what I can do, thanks;) Did you read The Lost Symbol by Dan Brown or Code to Zero by Ken Follet?
11:29 AM me: I suggest to use google code hosting,,
I have used it ,, and it has cool features
Abhishek: Erm.. The thing is...
whenever I try Google Code, I can't upload a damn single file.. Dunno why:(
11:30 AM me: Let me guide you,,
Do you have svn installed ??
Abhishek: yup.
11:31 AM I reinstalled Ubuntu yesterday,,, SVN Not installed...
me: ok,, just install svn command,,
it wont take much time
11:32 AM mean while go to google code hosting
and create a new project
Abhishek: okay...
do you have google wave account ?
11:33 AM Abhishek: No..but I have already created a project..whats google wave?
11:34 AM me: leave google wave,,, Give me link to google project
your project link
Abhishek: wait please.
me: click it,, and go to source tab
11:36 AM Abhishek: okay..
me: yup
you can see checkout command
Abhishek: yes...
11:37 AM me: send me
11:38 AM Abhishek: eh.. svn checkout boomingbang --username hackerboymayabhi
when I do says
me: see,, you have deleted the trunk
11:39 AM When you create the new project it make 4 directory
1) trunk
2) wiki
3) branch
4) tag
Abhishek: oh..
me: you it will suggest you to make new project
11:40 AM just delete it and create new project
Abhishek: okay..
11:43 AM me: Now go to source code and give me the checkout command
11:44 AM Abhishek: now. it says CHECKED OUT REVISION 1...wait... svn checkout imperius --username hackerboymayabhi ...DO you need the password?
me: Nope,
never share password
Abhishek: okay.
me: now open a terminal
Abhishek: done
me: and create a directory where you want to create code
11:45 AM ex
mkdir MyProject
cd MyProject
now apply same command by remove trunk out of it
11:46 AM svn checkout imperius --username hackerboymayabhi
11:47 AM Abhishek: kay
me: show me the output
It will ask for password, it is there at google code website
11:48 AM Abhishek: A imperius/trunk
A imperius/branches
A imperius/tags
Checked out revision 1.
me: fine
now you can see 3 directory
which you have checked out
Abhishek: okay...
11:49 AM me: see trunk will be needed for your code
so now cd trunk
Abhishek: okay.
11:50 AM me: send me output of these 3 command - pwd, ls -l. svn status
Abhishek: wait, please.
pwd -- /media/Disk 3/BoomingBang/codenamei/imperius/trunk
11:51 AM ls -l : total 0
svn status ... Nothing.
me: ok,
now create a new file
or you can directly paste your code file here
11:52 AM Abhishek: I have folders too...
me: I will show you how to add commit using one file,,
you can do that later
11:53 AM just paste one file
Abhishek: okay.
11:54 AM me: give me "svn status"
Abhishek: ? configure
thats the status ^^
11:55 AM me: yes, it is saying, It is that configure is a new file
now you need to add this file to svn system
"svn add configure" command
11:56 AM Abhishek: saying: A configure
I think done.
me: yes,, but change are local
you need to comit the change to mail project
"svn ci filenames" to comit
11:57 AM now use "svn ci configure"
give me the output
Abhishek: --This line, and those below, will be ignored--

AM configure

There is NANO
text editor
11:58 AM okay...
me: yes,, while commiting the files you need to write comments
11:59 AM and then save it
Abhishek: after the saving of file, though I entered it empty;) ...Its saying...Adding configure
Transmitting file data .
Committed revision 2.
me: Wow,,,
check the code,,
google url
12:00 PM It is listing your changes
can you add me in your project for a moment so that I will show something more,,,
Abhishek: wow:) Excellent...thanks..okay, I can add you...
me: this is just 30%
12:01 PM tutorial
see your files at
Abhishek: commitors or owners or contributors?
12:02 PM me: commiter
just add me as commiter
12:03 PM Abhishek: okay.
12:04 PM done
12:05 PM me: just a secound
12:06 PM checking out code now
12:08 PM I have added a new test file,,
12:09 PM just apply svn status command
send me the output
Abhishek: nothing.
12:11 PM me: svn status --show-updates --verbose
try this
give me output
12:12 PM Abhishek: * test.cpp
2 2 hackerboymayabhi configure
* 1 1 ? .
Status against revision: 3
12:13 PM messed up:)
me: try "svn st -u"
12:14 PM Abhishek: * test.cpp
* 1 .
Status against revision: 3
me: yes,
12:15 PM it means,, your files are not uptodated,,
just apply "svn update" command
to get latest code by other developers
Abhishek: okay..done that.
me: always send output of each command
12:16 PM Abhishek: A test.cpp
Updated to revision 4.
me: see, I have made 2 rivision,,
so now our code is at revision number 4
12:17 PM everytime you update change to trunk, It will make a new revision number
Abhishek: okay
me: anytime you can switch to old revision number too
now you modify test.cpp
12:18 PM Abhishek: how? ci is not working.
me: you have test.cpp file?
Abhishek: yup!
12:19 PM me: just open with any editor and add something
add a line
12:20 PM Abhishek: yeah.
me: apply,, svn st
svn status
both are same command
apply anyone
Abhishek: nothing...
12:21 PM me: if you apply svn st command , It will give you something like - "M test.cpp"
give me output of ls, cat test.cpp
12:22 PM Abhishek: ls : configure test.cpp
cat:::::::: test.cpp#include <iostream>
using namespace std;
int main(){
//hello , code is still incomplete ;
cout<<"Hello world\n";
return 0;
// I know that code is incomplete
12:23 PM me: apply command "svn status"
Abhishek: nothing:(
me: I think you can not saved your changes
12:24 PM what editor you are using?
Abhishek: gedit
me: Oppps
12:25 PM Abhishek: it revision 5
me: you can commit your changes,, It wont show,,,
why you commited your changes,, :( I didn't told you,,
now modifiy the file again using gedit
Abhishek: sorry:(
12:26 PM done.
me: now apply svn st
12:27 PM or svn status
Abhishek: M test.cpp
me: yes,, This mean,, test.cpp is modified by you,,
12:28 PM you can check the differece
apply "svn diff test.cpp"
send output
Abhishek: Index: test.cpp
- test.cpp (revision 5)
+++ test.cpp (working copy)
@@ -6,4 +6,5 @@
return 0;
// I know that code is incomplete
+// I know I am a jerk and I don't like C++
12:29 PM me: this is a text based +/- line which will tell you what you have added and deleted
but I will suggest to use
GUI diff tool
Abhishek: okay...
12:31 PM me: I saw your comit,, you are now sending log message while comitting
see this url,,
you can see differece b/w comit by you are me
12:32 PM apply command
Abhishek: got that..list
me: export SVN_EDITOR="vi"
you need to set environment variable,,
have you used vi edut???
12:33 PM ever??

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03 November 2009

Good News : New ubuntu mirror, India #ubuntu

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