15 October 2008

Release of Alpha version - Eduvid 0.011

Dear All,
I have added - wiki to shildehow interface in current release of
please see demo at -

Instruction to use this demo

- First you will see the wiki type interface to make slides..
- edit the page by your need-- like changing "narendra" to "eduvid" etc
- add contents to page
- Now click on "show" button
- You will see , a control bar
- First click on start and then click on next or previous to navigate the slideshow
- click stop to stop the slideshow
- You can go back to edit slides again in wiki format
- All the timings of the Start-Stop duration will be stored in xml format
, when you click on "time_xml_post" , it will save your slide timings in xml
format to server -- cross check at
- Now click on Replay button to watch a automated slideshow.

I am modifying the code at will release one more version by this weekend -

All files are there at

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