05 October 2008

Raphaeljs SVG vs jQuery SVG library

I was confused , what to library to use use ? first I contacted with dmitry but I have not got any response, but then I contacted with Keith Wood (jQuery SVG) , so, here is the response,
as there is no comparison between these libraries. this post will useful
Hi Narendra

I haven't come across this package before, but from a quick look I can provide the following:

  • SVG only uses SVG and relies on a plugin for use with IE. Raphael uses SVG or VML as necessary.
  • jQuery SVG supports quadratic curves in paths.
  • Raphael may provide easier transformation support.
  • jQuery SVG provides support for most SVG constructs including title, description, definitions, markers, styles, scripts, patterns, masks.
  • jQuery SVG supports filters and animations.
  • jQuery SVG provides a basic graphing package.




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