15 October 2008

Open Letter to Indian Patent Office

Dear Sir,
I have a huge problem, With your website.

This website is not accessible in Firefox. You are only supporting IE. We Indians are getting a lot of problems due to this. May I ask why you want to give a incompatible website to Indian public.
Do you want Indian public to buy Microsoft Window and IE.

Linux and Firefox are "Free and Open Source" which not only comes into "free of cost" but also their source code is open. Which means anybody can modify and contribute. Its a well proven fact that Linux and Firefox has better security feature then windows and IE.

So please make your website, compatible to Firefox. Also, you DB server sucks every time, If you want developer , OpenSource community is free to work to work for you.

However I have made a script which will enable viewing your website in firefox

First install Greasemonkey addons , then install my script -

Also, I hate software patents. Software patents is sucking Indian market and developers too. This is a indirect way of selling India to Microsoft and such MNC. Please consider our voice.

Narendra Sisodiya

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