06 October 2008

5 Essential Aspects of Educational Content over Internet

I am working on a project for student e-learning platform, from past 6 month, (dedicated-ly from last 1-2 month).

According to my research I am proposing 5 essential aspects or laws for having a "great" ecosystem on education over Internet or any transport media.

  1. "Educational contents" should be easy to create and share.
  2. "Educational contents" should easy to accessible to whole ecosystem. it should take low bandwidth and should be free of cost.
  3. "Educational contents" should be searchable. Note that "contents inside a video/flash" is not searchable,
  4. "Educational contents" should be rich in term of contents Ex, text , audio, animations etc.
  5. "Educational contents" should be generated and consumed in peer to peer fashion in ecosystem.

"All" online education system fails at one or more aspects.

Ex ..
Wikipedia - fails at #4, #1
All stupid ScreenCast, Flash or video based solution fails at all point expect #4 points of richness of content

In order to achieve all 5 aims in a education system, I am trying to make a new approach (better word is obvious approach) and calling it "eduvid system". {Pleases note that this project is in development stage}

for satisfying the
#4 requirement for richness of content ,
#1 requirement of easy to create contents ,
#3 requirement of searchability

I am going with SVG because flash is a stupid idea for education system.
I may use flash only for audio recording under browser as last option because as per audio is concern it do not violet any of the 5 aspects.

Those who want to know more about project - please click here --
currently, I am the only person who is working on it, If you want to work as developer on this project, most welcome,
If you want to help in terms of donations etc , please contact me,

PS1: It matter for countries like India because of #2 point,. of network bandwidth and cost.
PS2: All things are specified on project website. more details will be given via email communication. Please copy idea and implement if possible. I never patent for any idea.

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