06 September 2008

RPM Bundle Packaging System

Copy paste from conversation of ILUGD mailing list

On Fri, Sep 5, 2008 at 6:37 PM, "Sankarshan (সঙ্কর্ষণ)" <> wrote:
narendra sisodiya wrote:

> Again, I do not know, how much it is needed. Will is be benefical to have a
> repo at Delhi ?

It should be adding to the user experience when downloading Fedora from
India. So, if one were to look at setting up a Fedora mirror for the
public based out of North India, where should one start looking ?

Instead of repo , You can do something different..(I am already busy with many stuff, for next few month, it is not possible to start for me.)

instead of small small rpm, we separate them into some big chunk of bundle with added configuration, which can be indipedently install on a system without getting any dependency error.
For this we can start form LSB (linux standard base) and make bundle of rpm which are small small (`~~100 MB ) repository for single big software like (Xdisplay , open office , FireFox etc) with all added dependency's on it. So this will be much like distributing software specific small repo bundle which can be directly installed without worrying about any dependency's and somewhat similar to installing exe files. (just click and set the path of installtion)

However this approach will generate a lot of redundancy in term of space, But who cares, a 2GB software will take 10 GB or 20 GB but it will become a distributable unit much like old D:\Software directory , which was having all sort of pirated software (a gift of from my PC assembler at that time).

This sort of packaging is possible ,,,,
may be in near future in I will give a try to produce this sort of bundle so that /media/software drive will become transferable/shareable unit,

Narendra Sisodiya

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