05 September 2008

Objective-J and Cappuccino - Ladies and Gentleman please welcome

Are you still making presentation slides on OS-Software (like MS power point or OpenOfficeImpress ), Then forget it,
Here is -- A web based online presentation making system . Here making slides it as easier as in Normal software,
But great thing i like is -- They are not using flash, is great web software and this is possible because of new language -- Objective - J and Cappuccino web framework --

Today they have released its framework -

What is Objective-J?

Objective-J is a programming language. It's very similar to both JavaScript and Objective-C. The language adds traditional inheritance, dynamic message passing, and a few other nice things to pure JavaScript.

What is Cappuccino?
Cappuccino is an application development framework written in Objective-J. It's designed for building rich applications that run in a web browser. Cappuccino implements the GNUstep/OpenStep/Cocoa APIs, and builds on some of the best Desktop programming paradigms in existence.

more at -

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