29 September 2008

Google made a special feature for me !!

GMail has introduced an excellent feature for gmail addicted persons like me. "Break Time" see this

19 September 2008

Spific Rocks me

Hi, This is a google based search web site-- umm they are calling it as finding engine

the logic is they are using "content of search"
So, If you are searching "Install linux "
You can give context as "How to" then all website which is bascially provide tutorial will be used for searching using google custom search engine
--- search using Spific -- (the finding engine)

17 September 2008

How to Install Yum on Redhat RHEL4

Install yum

Apply these commands in terminal

mkdir yumsoft
cd yumsoft
rpm -Uvh *.rpm
rpm --import
rpm --import
rpm --import

Make /etc/yum.conf

open /etc/yum.conf delete if any content present. copy paste these lines.


name = redhat base
baseurl =
enabled = 0

name=Adobe Systems Incorporated

name=atrpm -stable

name=atrpm -bleeding

name=atrpm -testing

name = redhat updates
baseurl =
enabled = 0

name = centos addons
baseurl =
enabled = 1

name = centos plus
baseurl =
enabled = 1

name = centos contrib
baseurl =
enabled = 1

name = centos csgfs
baseurl =
enabled = 1

name = centos update
baseurl =
enabled = 1

name = centos extra
baseurl =
enabled = 1

name = centos fasttrack
baseurl =
enabled = 1

name = centos testing
baseurl =
enabled = 0

name = Red Hat Enterprise rpmforge
baseurl =
enabled = 1

name = dries
baseurl =
enabled = 1

name = dag
baseurl =
enabled = 1

name=Google - i386

# Be sure to enable the distro specific repository for your distro below:
# - jpackage-fc for Fedora Core
# - jpackage-rhel for Red Hat Enterprise Linux and derivatives

name=JPackage (free), generic

name=JPackage (free) for Red Hat Enterprise Linux $releasever

name=JPackage (non-free), generic

Initial setup

apply these commands

  • su
  • cd /etc/yum.repos.d/
  • Remove all the files from this directory
  • yum list available

Take a Coffee , It will take 5 - 10 minute. Also If you got any error then please try enabling or disabling the repo configuration inside /etc/yum.conf file

  • If above command goes sucess then you will this kind of list
zoo.i386 2.10-2.2.el4.rf dries
zope.i386 2.8.7-1.el4.rf rpmforge
zsplit.i386 1.2.0-1.2.el4.rf dries
zssh.i386 1.5-0.c.2.el4.rf dries
zsync.i386 0.5-1.el4.rf dries
zvbi.i386 0.2.31-1.el4.rf rpmforge
zvbi-devel.i386 0.2.31-1.el4.rf rpmforge
zziplib.i386 0.13.45-1.2.el4.rf rpmforge
zziplib-devel.i386 0.13.45-1.2.el4.rf rpmforge
  • Next is to update yum software, apply (as super users)
  • yum update yum
  • Next is to update your whole system , this is optional, it will take a long time like 40-60 minutes, you can skip this
  • yum update

Installing any software

You can install software like

  • yum install mplayer
  • yum install vlc

like this you can install any software

16 September 2008

FLOSS based School Administration

Hi, just checked out this website -- it is great for schools administration --

06 September 2008

GooglePages don't return xmlHttp.responseXML

Recently , while working on some AJAX code i discovered that googlepages do not give xmlHttp.responseXML . it returns null.
See this code --
it will working good on godaddy server
Same code i have uploaded to my googlepages account
but it is not working,,

See it won't work,
I have observed this fact using FireBug Addon of firefox.

RPM Bundle Packaging System

Copy paste from conversation of ILUGD mailing list

On Fri, Sep 5, 2008 at 6:37 PM, "Sankarshan (সঙ্কর্ষণ)" <> wrote:
narendra sisodiya wrote:

> Again, I do not know, how much it is needed. Will is be benefical to have a
> repo at Delhi ?

It should be adding to the user experience when downloading Fedora from
India. So, if one were to look at setting up a Fedora mirror for the
public based out of North India, where should one start looking ?

Instead of repo , You can do something different..(I am already busy with many stuff, for next few month, it is not possible to start for me.)

instead of small small rpm, we separate them into some big chunk of bundle with added configuration, which can be indipedently install on a system without getting any dependency error.
For this we can start form LSB (linux standard base) and make bundle of rpm which are small small (`~~100 MB ) repository for single big software like (Xdisplay , open office , FireFox etc) with all added dependency's on it. So this will be much like distributing software specific small repo bundle which can be directly installed without worrying about any dependency's and somewhat similar to installing exe files. (just click and set the path of installtion)

However this approach will generate a lot of redundancy in term of space, But who cares, a 2GB software will take 10 GB or 20 GB but it will become a distributable unit much like old D:\Software directory , which was having all sort of pirated software (a gift of from my PC assembler at that time).

This sort of packaging is possible ,,,,
may be in near future in I will give a try to produce this sort of bundle so that /media/software drive will become transferable/shareable unit,

Narendra Sisodiya

05 September 2008 Rocks me

Recently I got a very useful website :
Amazed to see this site : this contains all latest release of new startups with amazing ideas ,
just in a 2 days , it rocks me, I cannot believe that daily everyday such nice sites release

for example i got
* --- (L) AMP based web office --
* --- How tags are co-related with each other --
* - 3D Full Screen Browsing
* - Yes, Hardware meshups --
* -- (Ex Americans on average eat 18 acres of pizza every day)
* -- a idea wiki

Objective-J and Cappuccino - Ladies and Gentleman please welcome

Are you still making presentation slides on OS-Software (like MS power point or OpenOfficeImpress ), Then forget it,
Here is -- A web based online presentation making system . Here making slides it as easier as in Normal software,
But great thing i like is -- They are not using flash, is great web software and this is possible because of new language -- Objective - J and Cappuccino web framework --

Today they have released its framework -

What is Objective-J?

Objective-J is a programming language. It's very similar to both JavaScript and Objective-C. The language adds traditional inheritance, dynamic message passing, and a few other nice things to pure JavaScript.

What is Cappuccino?
Cappuccino is an application development framework written in Objective-J. It's designed for building rich applications that run in a web browser. Cappuccino implements the GNUstep/OpenStep/Cocoa APIs, and builds on some of the best Desktop programming paradigms in existence.

more at -

03 September 2008

Create prsentation online - Rocks me

Hi, I am working on presentation technologies so i use to find of many useful web tools.
Using this site you can create presentation online and save in pdf, ppt, odp formats
Totally web based solution.