23 August 2008

Real Full Screen Browsing in Firefox

I will tell you the how you can enjoy full screen browsing mode in forefox

* Install fullscreen addon -->
* Install ctrl+tab -->
* Install Firefox showcase -->

restart and go to "tools -> addon -> firefox showcase -> options" , check the "full screen" in window attributes :

Now for browsing in full screen mode
* Press F11 , if you press in again it will cometo normal mode
* while browsing for a new tab press -> "Ctrl + T", you will get a blank screen,
* To open a new url press -> "Ctrl + L" and type the url then press "Enter"
* To go to next and previous tabs use "Ctrl +Tab" and "Ctrl + Shift + Tab"
* To view all tabs for navigating to any one use "F12"
* To view all tab for stylish navigating and search use "Crtl + Shift + A"

Now you know how to browse in "totally full screen mode"
It will take some day to adict for this new interface , but believe you will become addicted to it.

please know all keyshortcuts , otherwise you will feel helpless in full scren mode and after small furstation you will press F11 to say goodbye to "full screen modebrowsing"

I have given minimum suficient shortcut for navigating and doing the things.
Hope you will enjoy this..

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