30 August 2008

How to describe yourself

Hi, This is a small attempt to know that in what way you can describe yourself. This is a small effort to collect data from world to generate common type of human being or the possible parameter for human activities.

Please contribute by adding something about yourself.

25 August 2008

ebook search or search documents

there are three good sites which give a large number of documents online

so if you want to search only in these 3 domain to get good result
do this

and type this

book-or-topic-name ( OR OR

for example

searching C++ tutorial type
C++ tutorial ( OR OR

23 August 2008

Real Full Screen Browsing in Firefox

I will tell you the how you can enjoy full screen browsing mode in forefox

* Install fullscreen addon -->
* Install ctrl+tab -->
* Install Firefox showcase -->

restart and go to "tools -> addon -> firefox showcase -> options" , check the "full screen" in window attributes :

Now for browsing in full screen mode
* Press F11 , if you press in again it will cometo normal mode
* while browsing for a new tab press -> "Ctrl + T", you will get a blank screen,
* To open a new url press -> "Ctrl + L" and type the url then press "Enter"
* To go to next and previous tabs use "Ctrl +Tab" and "Ctrl + Shift + Tab"
* To view all tabs for navigating to any one use "F12"
* To view all tab for stylish navigating and search use "Crtl + Shift + A"

Now you know how to browse in "totally full screen mode"
It will take some day to adict for this new interface , but believe you will become addicted to it.

please know all keyshortcuts , otherwise you will feel helpless in full scren mode and after small furstation you will press F11 to say goodbye to "full screen modebrowsing"

I have given minimum suficient shortcut for navigating and doing the things.
Hope you will enjoy this..

Most annoying feature in Acrobat Reader.

I always use KPDF in Linux box. For some reasons I am using Acrobat Reader. with KPDF in can view pdf in full screen mode with continuous scrolling mode. But In Acrobat , full screen mode is only available with "single page display mode". When I scroll in full screen mode using down arrow in Acrobat using down arrow key, the new page suddenly appears. This is most annoying ,
I tried a lot to do with settings.
Can we set it as "full screen mode with continuous scroll mode in Acrobat" ??

LIM : who will mix make it ?? ( latex and ipaper on mediawiki )

Just as a idea, Here i am proposing for a best tool in the collaboration world, Lets call it LIM
Actually i like wiki syntax and mediawiki because it gives me a nice text based editing program where you can collaborate and see your document preview,

I like latex also become it gives you best of typesetting feature
So instead of wiki , developer should make a partial WYSIWYG editor (of course on web) which take best of wiki syntax and latex syntax.

Next when user click on "show preview" it will convert it to pdf and then automatically upload or scribd for ipaper conversion , ipaper is best at present for seeing document file on web browser. after converting to ipaper user will be able to see ipaper as embedded document.

Only disadvante of this tecnique is -- this system will be slow unless a high processing is done at server side.

with ipaper, user will be able to user javascript api for ipaper

first javascript code for drawing freehand

Now a days i am learning web technologies (AJAX , PHP , ROR, OrkutAPI) seriously. So here is my first code for freehand drawing
check out

18 August 2008

Project Eduvid Reloaded

My college days has ended and now I am in Bangalore as a fresher job entry. Due to exam and holidays at home , our project Eduvid got stopped.
I have started again and need developers and student with me to work on it.

Here is the project home page link and it have more description now

Please comment here about project :

12 August 2008

PicLens Rocks

This a Addon of Firefox by which you can view search image result as pasted on Wall in Full Screen.