12 May 2008

Scribblewiki Rocks

Hi, If you are searching for a free mediawiki based wiki then your try scribblewiki

This provide a free of cost mediawiki based wiki, you can make your notes and books online ,
but you cannot have a personal wiki (not needed ,, wiki are made for collaborative work)
check out my wiki, --

Well you may not find any text at my wiki,, as i have my server and my domain where i have installed my own wikis,

08 May 2008

Navigation box for creating book in mediawiki

Here is a example of navigation box from my personal wiki --
make a page named -- Template:Major_Project/Navigation
and type this content -- replace Major_Project by your book name -- and change the other content relatively,

<div class="noprint" style="border: 1px solid rgb(136, 187, 136); margin: 0.5em; padding: 0.5em; background-color: rgb(238, 255, 238); font-size: small; text-align: left; float: right; clear: right; width: 20%;">
'''[[Major Project]]'''

#[[Major_Project/Introduction|Introduction to project]]
#[[Major_Project/Aspects of the Project|Aspects of the Project]]
#[[Major_Project/Architecture of the Project|Architecture of the Project]]
#[[Major_Project/Streaming server|Streaming server]]
#[[Major_Project/UWB based WUSB|UWB based WUSB]]
#[[Linux kernel on ML310|Porting Linux kernel over ML310]]
#[[Major_Project/Future Scope|Future Scope]]
<small>[;action=edit edit this box]</small>

The next step is to put {{Major_Project/Navigation}} in all chapters of book,

05 May 2008

Teenages Geeks of India


Here is a google group for Indian teenagers geeks
Do join if you are below 18 year and a geek / hacker / nerd

Jabber Shell

jabsh (Jabber Shell) - the program for the remote computer management on the protocol XMPP. Designed for use in situations where the use of SSH is not possible. For example ISP uses NAT and / or IP of gray list - unable to assist in this case. As a client on the side of the administrator fit any Jabber client (mcabber, Kopete, Bombus etc.)

For jabsh work you need access to any jabber-server on which you can register two accounts. For jabsh you do not need external IP, tunnel or ssh.
For jabsh you need a separate JID (JSJID) to which you will send shell-commands, and with whom you will get command output. For JSJID you must specify the password in config (Passwd). JSJID should not coincide with your main JID!! Your primary JID is administrator JID (Admin). Password of administrator JID for jabsh do not need!
For each JID'a need to specify the resource. If the resource of administrative JID in config does not coincide with the current resource in your IM-client, the jabsh will reject all commands which you sent from this IM-client, even if admin JID in config and your JID match.
When you send a shell-command to jabsh JID, the program checks your JID and resource to coincide with the relevant data in its configuration file. If they do not match - you get error message; jabsh prevents administrator about attack and write to a log-file record about this event. If they (JIDS) match, the received shell-command is execute (if it is waiting for input from the user, then jabsh waiting forever for it to finish:)). The output of the command is sent to the JID of shell-command sender.
by -- Andrienko Yevgeny