16 April 2008

Eduvid : web based vector whiteboard

Hi,,, I am currently involved in Eduvid project,

see at
Here is the description about project

Eduvid stands for a Free and Efficient Method for Whiteboarding to generate Vector based Educational Videos. We have not completed this project yet.

The Idea

At year 2008, we use notebook & pencil to take notes at class in teachers use the whiteboard to teach us. Think if we have a very low cost electronic pen and electronic whiteboard. We want to make a low cost (in context of hardware, software will be GPL ) technology where anyone can create the video using this electronic whiteboard.
Suppose I have learned something, lets say C++ language, so say some concept, in 10 Hours. I can explain all the stuff in 1 hour. It means I have wasted 9 hour by using trivial method of learning. in "from student for student" method of study we expect each student to help other student by sharing our knowledge and understating. For explaining the tech-stuff in that one hour I need a notebook and pencil. But by this way only those will get benefit which are near to me.
If I have a recording camera then i will love to record the whole one hour but this have following restriction
  • very few student body has recording camera
  • very large bandwidth is consumed by raster graphics based video. videos will not reach to the cities villages of India which have very small bandwidth.
This gives us inspiration for a web-based lecture/presentation recording tool, both in software and hardware so that a huge amount of vector graphics based educational videos can be created by the whole student community.

Feature List

  • Software will in web mode - which will be having a Full Screen canvas where use can
    • Draw any diagram using free hand - pencil + eraser
    • Draw basic shapes & curve in 2D or 3D, arrows, block diagrams, table and all essential things which a teacher/student do on whiteboard
    • Write Text
    • It will be much better if it convert free hand written text into actual text in some defined fonts.
    • On Eduvid Website a Teacher or Student need now to create all content while delivering lecture, he/she can upload a Presentation, Images etc in SVG format before delivering lecture
    • There have to a microphone which will record the sound.
    • So in nutshell we want to create a "web based Recording of Lecture or presentation"
    • We want to use a vector graphics
  • Hardware should be very low cost and should physical replace the mouse and should comes within 500 Rs

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