30 April 2008

Brother try to explore the things

Hi,, brother do feel bad,, about the amusement at night time

In computer,, 1st thing you need to know,,is ,,, this is not a tool to memorizing,,,,to learn,, how to do this,,,

you need to learn to "EXPLORE" the thing, by your own,,,there are not specific instruction to learn the tools and technology,,,
the only way to do it,, explore,,

whenever,, you open a application,,,or program,, try to go with menu's,, options,,and all other thing,, the explore the other things,,,
you need to put your logic as well,
you need to correlate the things,,,

you need to look to the website,, like to look many softwares which are available for use, and try to explore the things,,
Do not just amazed by anything,, which happen to Internet you can also do it,,
If you are reading somebody's blog , you should be think,, i can also do it,,
if you have observed then there was a link,, at the top of my blog "Create Blog" , but you have not explored,,otherwise you would have made your blog also,,

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