08 March 2008

wiki on pendrive

Hi, I just found a very good wiki. stickwiki is a single XHTML file based wiki , which does not require the Server or any other software dependency,

You can carry this single file wiki on your pendrive and works at any machine you want,,

Here is the link to website --

-- This is I am editing on night 4.56 AM , 8 march 2008, lets see , when it will reach to Google search,


Narendra Sisodiya said...

ya,, google is very fast,, within 2 minutes,, they indexed my post,, and you can see the at 5.7AM ,, in almost 8-9 minute,,, my page is coming to the first page in google search on
(Wiki on pendrive)

this is the proof

So,, it is always better to post your knowledge information to other,,via web,,

Narendra Sisodiya said...

Yes,, I was expecting this,,,
Now the time is 5.20 AM,
You can see the Google search on (wiki on pendrive) show this page as second result,