01 March 2008

Google wiki bad features - Jotsopt

here is a list of bad features of google wiki

1) a normal user cannot have a google wiki (sites)-- not onlya single one,, I was having 2 domain so I can use and make 500 users for google wiki but normal user cannot use it like google page craetor

2) a google apps administrator have to create a account for you ,,then only you can take part in google wiki,, its not like mediawiki,, a) unlimited user over database,,b) automatic user account creation------, i cannot even transfer my webiste over google wiki as i have 500 user limit,,, and -- it simpley means -- limited collaborations

3) on the very first page it was asking a mail id of my domain ---(might be inspired from Microsoft for useless user interface)-- i was not having any mail id association on my domain and i afraid that how i can crate an account,, then i typed then deleted some-name and started making proper steps for
I am not even getting -- why they asked me for mailid,, they can even,,ask me for direct domain name--

4) the bad things about the following...
see after redirection
should be displayed as
I have made complete CNAME setting,,
after typing
is automatically converting to

5) I have given some account to users and they are able to create their sites and they set permission as " domain user can view it and not edit" but still I (the administrator) am able to edit and make changes -- administrator can override their setting...
* It means you can not have fully private wiki -- (fully private wiki is esay personal site make tool) I use mediawiki ( as my personol wiki to make my all classroom notes online,
* It means that --suppose if i am boss of a company then I should become site administrator and make user and set changes-- and create sites-- if not i should give this duty to one person -- (let IT manager) and now he can fuck my page in the way he want,,, It does not even having level of administration --
* If I am having a organization then I will like to go with FREE drupal or similar things for these things,,

6) If a person is changing some page,, where he can make a small summery of changes,,,,
7) I am unable to see uncategorized sites,, though i am admin ... :( , how i can track , who is creating which site ??
8) tell me where is site export button
9) tell me how much storage has left on my account

They have made a new google app product -- and product is inspired from wiki but It is not a exactly wiki


Narendra Sisodiya said...

for being a collaborator at some site ,, site owner can invite you,, you need to have an "google app account" or gmail account for this.

Narendra Sisodiya said...

Another Hack --

If a user create a uncategorized site (wiki), it will not listed under all sites,,

Narendra Sisodiya said...

>>>> 1) a normal user cannot have a google wiki (sites)-- not onlya single on
<<<< ----- now you can have with google Account -------