23 November 2008

gconftool to play with settings

gconf-editor is a very good utility where one can change behavior or setting or preference of any application using click. today I discovered its command line version --
using this you can set behavior to preference of any application in command line or in shell script.
for example , just after installation of fedora , i use to open Nautilus (the file browser) and open its preference to set it "always open in browser mode" and 'single click to double click' behavior. Same with gedit and other tool to make setting.
But same thing you can perform with gconftool-2 like this..

gconftool-2 --set "/apps/nautilus/preferences/always_use_browser" --type bool TRUE
gconftool-2 --set "/apps/nautilus/preferences/click_policy" --type string "single"

do not use sudo,, you are making setting for you and not root.

you can bundle up such command to make your own theme which you can install from shell. (actually i got this idea form here - - )

The format is very simple

gconftool-2 --set KEY_NAME --type TYPE VALUE

you need to browse in gconf-editor to know what is key name for a particular setting.

* gconftool-2 -R will list all the setting. So you can save all initial settings. Like
gconftool-2 -R / > save.txt
* Search a given key,
$ gconftool-2 -R / | grep screensaver

more at :

21 November 2008

First (FOSS) quarter of Delhi

The first quarter of the year 2009 (January to March) will a FOSS quarter for Delhi. we are going to have 3 major events in this quarter. Hopefully all three event will be successful.
  • Januray 2009 : LUG@IITD community, will be completing 1 successful year (a huge bundle of activity). So There will be a big celebration in IITD in January.
  • Feb 2009 : we will be having Delhi's most well known foss event. at JNU.
  • March 2009 : Come again to IITD again with OSSCAMP workshop to get real test of geekness along with the Annual Tech Fest of IITD.
seems like south Delhi is highly FOSSified.

19 October 2008

JQuery UI - Pixel to Percentage while Resizing

I am working on code where I want to zoom my div-slides , I am able to do this because i am using "percentage" in width , height , font etc style attributes.
But if I try to resize the element using JQuery UI resizable class then it disturb the "percentage" and put pixel over it.
Same thing occur with draggble and other which put final output in "pixel" format.

I would be better if you make all UI component as percentage format.

however I got the workaround to the problem,,
one can add these stop function like

handles: "all",
stop: function (){
var w = ( 100 * parseFloat($(this).css("width")) / parseFloat($(this).parent().css("width")) )+ "%" ;
var h = ( 100 * parseFloat($(this).css("height")) / parseFloat($(this).parent().css("height")) )+ "%" ;
$(this).css("width" , w);
$(this).css("height" , h);
dragHandle: true

$("#div_box_id_" + self.div_box_number).draggable({
opacity: 0.70,
stop: function (){
var l = ( 100 * parseFloat($(this).css("left")) / parseFloat($(this).parent().css("width")) )+ "%" ;
var t = ( 100 * parseFloat($(this).css("top")) / parseFloat($(this).parent().css("height")) )+ "%" ;
$(this).css("left" , l);
$(this).css("top" , t);

google code svn on Linux

Recently I am working on a google hosted project. using svn , it is very easy to collaborate,
So, you install eSvn GUI svn tool on your box, It will do many things for you.
You can easily checkin and checkout. and see diff and various things.
Initially i tried with eclipse and failed. So i was doing thing command line , But today i got this tool eSvn , its is wonderful. use it,

15 October 2008

Release of Alpha version - Eduvid 0.011

Dear All,
I have added - wiki to shildehow interface in current release of
please see demo at -

Instruction to use this demo

- First you will see the wiki type interface to make slides..
- edit the page by your need-- like changing "narendra" to "eduvid" etc
- add contents to page
- Now click on "show" button
- You will see , a control bar
- First click on start and then click on next or previous to navigate the slideshow
- click stop to stop the slideshow
- You can go back to edit slides again in wiki format
- All the timings of the Start-Stop duration will be stored in xml format
, when you click on "time_xml_post" , it will save your slide timings in xml
format to server -- cross check at
- Now click on Replay button to watch a automated slideshow.

I am modifying the code at will release one more version by this weekend -

All files are there at

Open Letter to Indian Patent Office

Dear Sir,
I have a huge problem, With your website.

This website is not accessible in Firefox. You are only supporting IE. We Indians are getting a lot of problems due to this. May I ask why you want to give a incompatible website to Indian public.
Do you want Indian public to buy Microsoft Window and IE.

Linux and Firefox are "Free and Open Source" which not only comes into "free of cost" but also their source code is open. Which means anybody can modify and contribute. Its a well proven fact that Linux and Firefox has better security feature then windows and IE.

So please make your website, compatible to Firefox. Also, you DB server sucks every time, If you want developer , OpenSource community is free to work to work for you.

However I have made a script which will enable viewing your website in firefox

First install Greasemonkey addons , then install my script -

Also, I hate software patents. Software patents is sucking Indian market and developers too. This is a indirect way of selling India to Microsoft and such MNC. Please consider our voice.

Narendra Sisodiya

06 October 2008

5 Essential Aspects of Educational Content over Internet

I am working on a project for student e-learning platform, from past 6 month, (dedicated-ly from last 1-2 month).

According to my research I am proposing 5 essential aspects or laws for having a "great" ecosystem on education over Internet or any transport media.

  1. "Educational contents" should be easy to create and share.
  2. "Educational contents" should easy to accessible to whole ecosystem. it should take low bandwidth and should be free of cost.
  3. "Educational contents" should be searchable. Note that "contents inside a video/flash" is not searchable,
  4. "Educational contents" should be rich in term of contents Ex, text , audio, animations etc.
  5. "Educational contents" should be generated and consumed in peer to peer fashion in ecosystem.

"All" online education system fails at one or more aspects.

Ex ..
Wikipedia - fails at #4, #1
All stupid ScreenCast, Flash or video based solution fails at all point expect #4 points of richness of content

In order to achieve all 5 aims in a education system, I am trying to make a new approach (better word is obvious approach) and calling it "eduvid system". {Pleases note that this project is in development stage}

for satisfying the
#4 requirement for richness of content ,
#1 requirement of easy to create contents ,
#3 requirement of searchability

I am going with SVG because flash is a stupid idea for education system.
I may use flash only for audio recording under browser as last option because as per audio is concern it do not violet any of the 5 aspects.

Those who want to know more about project - please click here --
currently, I am the only person who is working on it, If you want to work as developer on this project, most welcome,
If you want to help in terms of donations etc , please contact me,

PS1: It matter for countries like India because of #2 point,. of network bandwidth and cost.
PS2: All things are specified on project website. more details will be given via email communication. Please copy idea and implement if possible. I never patent for any idea.

05 October 2008

Raphaeljs SVG vs jQuery SVG library

I was confused , what to library to use use ? first I contacted with dmitry but I have not got any response, but then I contacted with Keith Wood (jQuery SVG) , so, here is the response,
as there is no comparison between these libraries. this post will useful
Hi Narendra

I haven't come across this package before, but from a quick look I can provide the following:

  • SVG only uses SVG and relies on a plugin for use with IE. Raphael uses SVG or VML as necessary.
  • jQuery SVG supports quadratic curves in paths.
  • Raphael may provide easier transformation support.
  • jQuery SVG provides support for most SVG constructs including title, description, definitions, markers, styles, scripts, patterns, masks.
  • jQuery SVG supports filters and animations.
  • jQuery SVG provides a basic graphing package.




29 September 2008

Google made a special feature for me !!

GMail has introduced an excellent feature for gmail addicted persons like me. "Break Time" see this

19 September 2008

Spific Rocks me

Hi, This is a google based search web site-- umm they are calling it as finding engine

the logic is they are using "content of search"
So, If you are searching "Install linux "
You can give context as "How to" then all website which is bascially provide tutorial will be used for searching using google custom search engine
--- search using Spific -- (the finding engine)

17 September 2008

How to Install Yum on Redhat RHEL4

Install yum

Apply these commands in terminal

mkdir yumsoft
cd yumsoft
rpm -Uvh *.rpm
rpm --import
rpm --import
rpm --import

Make /etc/yum.conf

open /etc/yum.conf delete if any content present. copy paste these lines.


name = redhat base
baseurl =
enabled = 0

name=Adobe Systems Incorporated

name=atrpm -stable

name=atrpm -bleeding

name=atrpm -testing

name = redhat updates
baseurl =
enabled = 0

name = centos addons
baseurl =
enabled = 1

name = centos plus
baseurl =
enabled = 1

name = centos contrib
baseurl =
enabled = 1

name = centos csgfs
baseurl =
enabled = 1

name = centos update
baseurl =
enabled = 1

name = centos extra
baseurl =
enabled = 1

name = centos fasttrack
baseurl =
enabled = 1

name = centos testing
baseurl =
enabled = 0

name = Red Hat Enterprise rpmforge
baseurl =
enabled = 1

name = dries
baseurl =
enabled = 1

name = dag
baseurl =
enabled = 1

name=Google - i386

# Be sure to enable the distro specific repository for your distro below:
# - jpackage-fc for Fedora Core
# - jpackage-rhel for Red Hat Enterprise Linux and derivatives

name=JPackage (free), generic

name=JPackage (free) for Red Hat Enterprise Linux $releasever

name=JPackage (non-free), generic

Initial setup

apply these commands

  • su
  • cd /etc/yum.repos.d/
  • Remove all the files from this directory
  • yum list available

Take a Coffee , It will take 5 - 10 minute. Also If you got any error then please try enabling or disabling the repo configuration inside /etc/yum.conf file

  • If above command goes sucess then you will this kind of list
zoo.i386 2.10-2.2.el4.rf dries
zope.i386 2.8.7-1.el4.rf rpmforge
zsplit.i386 1.2.0-1.2.el4.rf dries
zssh.i386 1.5-0.c.2.el4.rf dries
zsync.i386 0.5-1.el4.rf dries
zvbi.i386 0.2.31-1.el4.rf rpmforge
zvbi-devel.i386 0.2.31-1.el4.rf rpmforge
zziplib.i386 0.13.45-1.2.el4.rf rpmforge
zziplib-devel.i386 0.13.45-1.2.el4.rf rpmforge
  • Next is to update yum software, apply (as super users)
  • yum update yum
  • Next is to update your whole system , this is optional, it will take a long time like 40-60 minutes, you can skip this
  • yum update

Installing any software

You can install software like

  • yum install mplayer
  • yum install vlc

like this you can install any software

16 September 2008

FLOSS based School Administration

Hi, just checked out this website -- it is great for schools administration --

06 September 2008

GooglePages don't return xmlHttp.responseXML

Recently , while working on some AJAX code i discovered that googlepages do not give xmlHttp.responseXML . it returns null.
See this code --
it will working good on godaddy server
Same code i have uploaded to my googlepages account
but it is not working,,

See it won't work,
I have observed this fact using FireBug Addon of firefox.

RPM Bundle Packaging System

Copy paste from conversation of ILUGD mailing list

On Fri, Sep 5, 2008 at 6:37 PM, "Sankarshan (সঙ্কর্ষণ)" <> wrote:
narendra sisodiya wrote:

> Again, I do not know, how much it is needed. Will is be benefical to have a
> repo at Delhi ?

It should be adding to the user experience when downloading Fedora from
India. So, if one were to look at setting up a Fedora mirror for the
public based out of North India, where should one start looking ?

Instead of repo , You can do something different..(I am already busy with many stuff, for next few month, it is not possible to start for me.)

instead of small small rpm, we separate them into some big chunk of bundle with added configuration, which can be indipedently install on a system without getting any dependency error.
For this we can start form LSB (linux standard base) and make bundle of rpm which are small small (`~~100 MB ) repository for single big software like (Xdisplay , open office , FireFox etc) with all added dependency's on it. So this will be much like distributing software specific small repo bundle which can be directly installed without worrying about any dependency's and somewhat similar to installing exe files. (just click and set the path of installtion)

However this approach will generate a lot of redundancy in term of space, But who cares, a 2GB software will take 10 GB or 20 GB but it will become a distributable unit much like old D:\Software directory , which was having all sort of pirated software (a gift of from my PC assembler at that time).

This sort of packaging is possible ,,,,
may be in near future in I will give a try to produce this sort of bundle so that /media/software drive will become transferable/shareable unit,

Narendra Sisodiya

05 September 2008 Rocks me

Recently I got a very useful website :
Amazed to see this site : this contains all latest release of new startups with amazing ideas ,
just in a 2 days , it rocks me, I cannot believe that daily everyday such nice sites release

for example i got
* --- (L) AMP based web office --
* --- How tags are co-related with each other --
* - 3D Full Screen Browsing
* - Yes, Hardware meshups --
* -- (Ex Americans on average eat 18 acres of pizza every day)
* -- a idea wiki

Objective-J and Cappuccino - Ladies and Gentleman please welcome

Are you still making presentation slides on OS-Software (like MS power point or OpenOfficeImpress ), Then forget it,
Here is -- A web based online presentation making system . Here making slides it as easier as in Normal software,
But great thing i like is -- They are not using flash, is great web software and this is possible because of new language -- Objective - J and Cappuccino web framework --

Today they have released its framework -

What is Objective-J?

Objective-J is a programming language. It's very similar to both JavaScript and Objective-C. The language adds traditional inheritance, dynamic message passing, and a few other nice things to pure JavaScript.

What is Cappuccino?
Cappuccino is an application development framework written in Objective-J. It's designed for building rich applications that run in a web browser. Cappuccino implements the GNUstep/OpenStep/Cocoa APIs, and builds on some of the best Desktop programming paradigms in existence.

more at -

03 September 2008

Create prsentation online - Rocks me

Hi, I am working on presentation technologies so i use to find of many useful web tools.
Using this site you can create presentation online and save in pdf, ppt, odp formats
Totally web based solution.

30 August 2008

How to describe yourself

Hi, This is a small attempt to know that in what way you can describe yourself. This is a small effort to collect data from world to generate common type of human being or the possible parameter for human activities.

Please contribute by adding something about yourself.

25 August 2008

ebook search or search documents

there are three good sites which give a large number of documents online

so if you want to search only in these 3 domain to get good result
do this

and type this

book-or-topic-name ( OR OR

for example

searching C++ tutorial type
C++ tutorial ( OR OR

23 August 2008

Real Full Screen Browsing in Firefox

I will tell you the how you can enjoy full screen browsing mode in forefox

* Install fullscreen addon -->
* Install ctrl+tab -->
* Install Firefox showcase -->

restart and go to "tools -> addon -> firefox showcase -> options" , check the "full screen" in window attributes :

Now for browsing in full screen mode
* Press F11 , if you press in again it will cometo normal mode
* while browsing for a new tab press -> "Ctrl + T", you will get a blank screen,
* To open a new url press -> "Ctrl + L" and type the url then press "Enter"
* To go to next and previous tabs use "Ctrl +Tab" and "Ctrl + Shift + Tab"
* To view all tabs for navigating to any one use "F12"
* To view all tab for stylish navigating and search use "Crtl + Shift + A"

Now you know how to browse in "totally full screen mode"
It will take some day to adict for this new interface , but believe you will become addicted to it.

please know all keyshortcuts , otherwise you will feel helpless in full scren mode and after small furstation you will press F11 to say goodbye to "full screen modebrowsing"

I have given minimum suficient shortcut for navigating and doing the things.
Hope you will enjoy this..

Most annoying feature in Acrobat Reader.

I always use KPDF in Linux box. For some reasons I am using Acrobat Reader. with KPDF in can view pdf in full screen mode with continuous scrolling mode. But In Acrobat , full screen mode is only available with "single page display mode". When I scroll in full screen mode using down arrow in Acrobat using down arrow key, the new page suddenly appears. This is most annoying ,
I tried a lot to do with settings.
Can we set it as "full screen mode with continuous scroll mode in Acrobat" ??

LIM : who will mix make it ?? ( latex and ipaper on mediawiki )

Just as a idea, Here i am proposing for a best tool in the collaboration world, Lets call it LIM
Actually i like wiki syntax and mediawiki because it gives me a nice text based editing program where you can collaborate and see your document preview,

I like latex also become it gives you best of typesetting feature
So instead of wiki , developer should make a partial WYSIWYG editor (of course on web) which take best of wiki syntax and latex syntax.

Next when user click on "show preview" it will convert it to pdf and then automatically upload or scribd for ipaper conversion , ipaper is best at present for seeing document file on web browser. after converting to ipaper user will be able to see ipaper as embedded document.

Only disadvante of this tecnique is -- this system will be slow unless a high processing is done at server side.

with ipaper, user will be able to user javascript api for ipaper

first javascript code for drawing freehand

Now a days i am learning web technologies (AJAX , PHP , ROR, OrkutAPI) seriously. So here is my first code for freehand drawing
check out

18 August 2008

Project Eduvid Reloaded

My college days has ended and now I am in Bangalore as a fresher job entry. Due to exam and holidays at home , our project Eduvid got stopped.
I have started again and need developers and student with me to work on it.

Here is the project home page link and it have more description now

Please comment here about project :

12 August 2008

PicLens Rocks

This a Addon of Firefox by which you can view search image result as pasted on Wall in Full Screen.

27 July 2008

5th LUG@IITD Workshop

Hi, Firnds,,,, We are going to have a workshop for "Basics of Linux " on 31st of tis July,, 2008 @ IITD
.. Please register it here,,

16 July 2008

Equations of Motion

Hi, most of the time I found incorrect equation of motion for classical mechanics with constant acceleration. So here are the correct equation in vector format with removing all assumptions.

Deriving the equations in vectors

  • All constant are taken in capital letters
  • All variable are given in small letter

Deriving v(t) = Ui + A (t - Ti)

\vec{a} = \frac{d \vec{v}}{dt} = \frac{d^2 \ \vec{s}}{dt^2}


 \vec v (t) = \int _{T_i} ^t \vec a dt

for zero or constant acceleration A we have

 \vec v (t) = \vec A  \int _{T_i} ^t  dt
 \vec v (t) = \vec A \,  [t] _{T_i} ^t
 \vec v (t) = \vec A \,  (t - {T_i}) + K

we have one unknown K , we need to consider initial or final condition

  • Lets take initially we have  \vec v (T_i) = \vec U_i
 \vec U_i = \vec A \,  ({T_i} - {T_i}) + K


 k= \vec U_i
 \vec v (t) = \vec U_i + \vec A \,  (t - {T_i})  eq ... (1)

If we take final condition in consideration then ie :  \vec v (T_f) = \vec V_f

 \vec v (t) = \vec V_f + \vec A \,  ({T_f} -t )  eq ... (2)

constant acceleration can be found using initial and final condition

 \vec A =  \frac { \vec V_f - \vec U_i }{ T_f - T_i} eq ... (3)

Deriving s(t) = Si + Ui(t-Ti) + (1/2)A (t - Ti)2

now we have

 \vec v (t) = \frac{d \vec{s}}{dt} = \vec U_i + \vec A \,  (t - {T_i})
 \vec{s}(t)= \int _{T_i} ^{t} \Big(\vec U_i + \vec A \,  (t - {T_i}) \Big) {dt}
 \vec{s}(t) = (\vec U_i - \vec A \, T_i ) \int _{T_i} ^{t} {dt} + \vec A \int _{T_i} ^{t} t \ {dt}
 \vec{s}(t) = (\vec U_i - \vec A \, T_i ) \ \Big[t\Big]  ^{t} _{T_i} + \vec A \Bigg[\frac { t^2} {2} \Bigg] _{T_i} ^{t} + K

 \vec{s}(t) = (\vec U_i - \vec A \, T_i ) ( {t} - {T_i} ) + \frac {\vec A } {2 } (t^2-{T_i}^2) + K

for eliminating K we need either final or initial condition ie  \vec{s}(T_i) = \vec S_i

 \vec{S_i} = (\vec U_i - \vec A \, T_i ) ( {T_i} - {T_i} ) + \frac {\vec A } {2 } ({T_i}^2-{T_i}^2) + K
 K= \vec{S_i}
 \vec{s}(t) = \vec{S_i}  + (\vec U_i - \vec A \, T_i ) ( {t} - {T_i} ) + \frac {\vec A } {2 } (t^2-{T_i}^2)
 \vec{s}(t) = \vec{S_i}  + \vec U_i ( {t} - {T_i} ) - \vec A  ( {t}T_i - {T_i}^2 ) + \frac {\vec A } {2 } (t^2-{T_i}^2)
 \vec{s}(t) = \vec{S_i}  + \vec U_i ( {t} - {T_i} ) + \frac {\vec A } {2 } (t^2 - 2 {t}T_i +  {T_i}^2)
 \vec{s}(t) = \vec{S_i}  + \vec U_i ( {t} - {T_i} ) + \frac {\vec A } {2 } (t - T_i ) ^2  eq ... (4)

If we would have taken final condition ie  \vec{s}(T_f) = \vec S_f  then

 \vec{s}(t) = \vec{S_f}  + \vec V_f ( {T_f} - {t} ) - \frac {\vec A } {2 } (T_f - t ) ^2  eq ... (5)

Taking t = Tf and putting eq (3) in eq (4) , we will get

 \vec{s}(T_f) = \vec{S_i}  + \vec U_i ( {T_f} - {T_i} ) + \frac {\frac { \vec V_f - \vec U_i }{ T_f - T_i} } {2 } (T_f - T_i ) ^2


 \vec{S_f} = \vec{S_i}  + \vec U_i ( {T_f} - {T_i} ) + \frac { { \vec V_f - \vec U_i } } {2 } (T_f - T_i )
 \vec{S_f} = \vec{S_i}  +  \frac { ( \vec V_f + \vec U_i ) (T_f - T_i ) } {2 }   eq ... (6)

Deriving |v(t)|2 = |Ui|2 + 2 A . (s(t)-S_i)

 \vec v (t) = \vec U_i + \vec A \,  (t - {T_i})
 \vec v (t) . \vec v (t) = \big(\vec U_i + \vec A \,  (t - {T_i}) \big).\big(\vec U_i + \vec A \,  (t - {T_i}) \big)
 \vec v (t) . \vec v (t) =   \vec U_i . \vec U_i + \vec A . \vec A \ (t - T_i)^2 + 2 \vec A . \vec U_i (t- T_i)
 \vec v (t) . \vec v (t) =   \vec U_i . \vec U_i + \vec A . \vec A \ (t - T_i)^2 + 2 \vec A . \Bigg( \vec s(t) - \vec S_i - \frac {\vec A } {2 } (t - T_i ) ^2 \Bigg)
 \vec v (t) . \vec v (t) =   \vec U_i . \vec U_i + \vec A . \vec A \ (t - T_i)^2 + 2 \vec A . ( \vec s(t) - \vec S_i) - 2 \vec A . ( \frac {\vec A } {2 } (t - T_i ) ^2 )

 \vec v (t) . \vec v (t) =   \vec U_i . \vec U_i + 2 \vec A . ( \vec s(t) - \vec S_i)

taking case for final velocity

 \vec V_f . \vec V_f =   \vec U_i . \vec U_i + 2 \vec A . ( \vec S_f - \vec S_i)  eq ... (7)


 \left | \vec V_f \right | ^ 2 =   \left | \vec U_i \right | + 2 \vec A . ( \vec S_f - \vec S_i)  eq ... (7)

Source Page :

15 July 2008

Command line PNR Enquiry Script

Hi, I have developed a command line PNR Enquiry Script, though it is a small but useful and ofcourse my first perl script.

Dependency :
you need to have Perl on your system with commnad line browser w3m, inshort install w3m and perl bofore you download the script.
Note : you can view in lynx also, in case of lynx , replace w3m with lynx

Install It

$ cd
$ wget
$ chmod +x

How to use it

./ 8322181194

The first argument is 10 digit PNR number

# pnrenq - PNR Enquiry Script version 1 #
# Author - Narendra Sisodiya #
# Mail - #
# (C) Narendra Sisodiya - 2008 #
# This Script is released under GPLv2 #

09 June 2008

google products on fedora

$ rpm --import
$ gedit /etc/yum.repos.d/google.repo

paste and save this

name=Google - i386


name=Google - x86_64

now use these commands

$ yum install picasa
$ yum install googleearth-package
$ yum install google-desktop-linux
$ yum install gmail-notify
$ yum install googlizer

12 May 2008

Scribblewiki Rocks

Hi, If you are searching for a free mediawiki based wiki then your try scribblewiki

This provide a free of cost mediawiki based wiki, you can make your notes and books online ,
but you cannot have a personal wiki (not needed ,, wiki are made for collaborative work)
check out my wiki, --

Well you may not find any text at my wiki,, as i have my server and my domain where i have installed my own wikis,

08 May 2008

Navigation box for creating book in mediawiki

Here is a example of navigation box from my personal wiki --
make a page named -- Template:Major_Project/Navigation
and type this content -- replace Major_Project by your book name -- and change the other content relatively,

<div class="noprint" style="border: 1px solid rgb(136, 187, 136); margin: 0.5em; padding: 0.5em; background-color: rgb(238, 255, 238); font-size: small; text-align: left; float: right; clear: right; width: 20%;">
'''[[Major Project]]'''

#[[Major_Project/Introduction|Introduction to project]]
#[[Major_Project/Aspects of the Project|Aspects of the Project]]
#[[Major_Project/Architecture of the Project|Architecture of the Project]]
#[[Major_Project/Streaming server|Streaming server]]
#[[Major_Project/UWB based WUSB|UWB based WUSB]]
#[[Linux kernel on ML310|Porting Linux kernel over ML310]]
#[[Major_Project/Future Scope|Future Scope]]
<small>[;action=edit edit this box]</small>

The next step is to put {{Major_Project/Navigation}} in all chapters of book,

05 May 2008

Teenages Geeks of India


Here is a google group for Indian teenagers geeks
Do join if you are below 18 year and a geek / hacker / nerd

Jabber Shell

jabsh (Jabber Shell) - the program for the remote computer management on the protocol XMPP. Designed for use in situations where the use of SSH is not possible. For example ISP uses NAT and / or IP of gray list - unable to assist in this case. As a client on the side of the administrator fit any Jabber client (mcabber, Kopete, Bombus etc.)

For jabsh work you need access to any jabber-server on which you can register two accounts. For jabsh you do not need external IP, tunnel or ssh.
For jabsh you need a separate JID (JSJID) to which you will send shell-commands, and with whom you will get command output. For JSJID you must specify the password in config (Passwd). JSJID should not coincide with your main JID!! Your primary JID is administrator JID (Admin). Password of administrator JID for jabsh do not need!
For each JID'a need to specify the resource. If the resource of administrative JID in config does not coincide with the current resource in your IM-client, the jabsh will reject all commands which you sent from this IM-client, even if admin JID in config and your JID match.
When you send a shell-command to jabsh JID, the program checks your JID and resource to coincide with the relevant data in its configuration file. If they do not match - you get error message; jabsh prevents administrator about attack and write to a log-file record about this event. If they (JIDS) match, the received shell-command is execute (if it is waiting for input from the user, then jabsh waiting forever for it to finish:)). The output of the command is sent to the JID of shell-command sender.
by -- Andrienko Yevgeny

30 April 2008

Brother try to explore the things

Hi,, brother do feel bad,, about the amusement at night time

In computer,, 1st thing you need to know,,is ,,, this is not a tool to memorizing,,,,to learn,, how to do this,,,

you need to learn to "EXPLORE" the thing, by your own,,,there are not specific instruction to learn the tools and technology,,,
the only way to do it,, explore,,

whenever,, you open a application,,,or program,, try to go with menu's,, options,,and all other thing,, the explore the other things,,,
you need to put your logic as well,
you need to correlate the things,,,

you need to look to the website,, like to look many softwares which are available for use, and try to explore the things,,
Do not just amazed by anything,, which happen to Internet you can also do it,,
If you are reading somebody's blog , you should be think,, i can also do it,,
if you have observed then there was a link,, at the top of my blog "Create Blog" , but you have not explored,,otherwise you would have made your blog also,,

25 April 2008

remove speedbit

Problem :
Hi,, I use to search using address bar of firefox, when i type something in address bar it gives google results, yesterday I installed DAP, and after that speedbit has taken its place,

-> I have removed the DAP
-> I have removed all reg- entries of speedbit
-> I un-installed and installed firefox
Then also it is not working - Speedbit is coming fr0m somewhere
Solution :
type about:config in firefox
search for "keyword.URL"
change its entry to ""

16 April 2008

Eduvid : web based vector whiteboard

Hi,,, I am currently involved in Eduvid project,

see at
Here is the description about project

Eduvid stands for a Free and Efficient Method for Whiteboarding to generate Vector based Educational Videos. We have not completed this project yet.

The Idea

At year 2008, we use notebook & pencil to take notes at class in teachers use the whiteboard to teach us. Think if we have a very low cost electronic pen and electronic whiteboard. We want to make a low cost (in context of hardware, software will be GPL ) technology where anyone can create the video using this electronic whiteboard.
Suppose I have learned something, lets say C++ language, so say some concept, in 10 Hours. I can explain all the stuff in 1 hour. It means I have wasted 9 hour by using trivial method of learning. in "from student for student" method of study we expect each student to help other student by sharing our knowledge and understating. For explaining the tech-stuff in that one hour I need a notebook and pencil. But by this way only those will get benefit which are near to me.
If I have a recording camera then i will love to record the whole one hour but this have following restriction
  • very few student body has recording camera
  • very large bandwidth is consumed by raster graphics based video. videos will not reach to the cities villages of India which have very small bandwidth.
This gives us inspiration for a web-based lecture/presentation recording tool, both in software and hardware so that a huge amount of vector graphics based educational videos can be created by the whole student community.

Feature List

  • Software will in web mode - which will be having a Full Screen canvas where use can
    • Draw any diagram using free hand - pencil + eraser
    • Draw basic shapes & curve in 2D or 3D, arrows, block diagrams, table and all essential things which a teacher/student do on whiteboard
    • Write Text
    • It will be much better if it convert free hand written text into actual text in some defined fonts.
    • On Eduvid Website a Teacher or Student need now to create all content while delivering lecture, he/she can upload a Presentation, Images etc in SVG format before delivering lecture
    • There have to a microphone which will record the sound.
    • So in nutshell we want to create a "web based Recording of Lecture or presentation"
    • We want to use a vector graphics
  • Hardware should be very low cost and should physical replace the mouse and should comes within 500 Rs

S5: A Simple Standards-Based Slide Show System

S5 is a slide show format based entirely on XHTML, CSS, and JavaScript. With one file, you can run a complete slide show and have a printer-friendly version as well.

checkout at --

24 March 2008

diglog for windows

I made a old circuit using diglog and now those are not working and saying some errors , D_INV not found and so on,,,,
I went through main chipmunk site and install it but not working on windows and and Linux.
fortunately i found a chipmunk (diglog) folder in my old system, download it from here. It was some problem with version of log (diglog). so if you are getting problem with any .lgf file,,, this folder will help you out,,,

10 March 2008

Solved - Mediawiki short url configuration

Hi, I am Using

on shared hosting , and all files lies in web-root directory -- /home/user-name/public_html

Edit these lines in Localsetting.php
$wgArticlePath      = "/$1";
$wgUsePathInfo = false;
and in .htaccess file (create if you do not have one)

AddHandler application/x-httpd-php5 php
RewriteEngine On
RewriteCond %{REQUEST_FILENAME} -f [OR]
RewriteCond %{REQUEST_FILENAME} -d [OR]
RewriteCond %{REQUEST_FILENAME} -l
RewriteRule ^(.+) /home/lugiitd/public_html/$1 [L]
RewriteRule ^/*$ /index.php?title=Main_Page [L,QSA]
RewriteRule ^(.+)$ /index.php?title=$1 [L,QSA]

This work well for me, fully tested , after a hardwork of 6 hours -- hope my effort will be utilized somewhere, --

09 March 2008

Solved -- Cannot modify header information - headers already sent -- mediawiki configuration videoflash.php Webresponce.php

hi,, i was getting a wired error ,, i was trying to add videoflash flugin of mediawiki,,
solution is -- in file videoflash.php delete all space or anything before and after ?>

08 March 2008

wiki on pendrive

Hi, I just found a very good wiki. stickwiki is a single XHTML file based wiki , which does not require the Server or any other software dependency,

You can carry this single file wiki on your pendrive and works at any machine you want,,

Here is the link to website --

-- This is I am editing on night 4.56 AM , 8 march 2008, lets see , when it will reach to Google search,

01 March 2008

Google wiki bad features - Jotsopt

here is a list of bad features of google wiki

1) a normal user cannot have a google wiki (sites)-- not onlya single one,, I was having 2 domain so I can use and make 500 users for google wiki but normal user cannot use it like google page craetor

2) a google apps administrator have to create a account for you ,,then only you can take part in google wiki,, its not like mediawiki,, a) unlimited user over database,,b) automatic user account creation------, i cannot even transfer my webiste over google wiki as i have 500 user limit,,, and -- it simpley means -- limited collaborations

3) on the very first page it was asking a mail id of my domain ---(might be inspired from Microsoft for useless user interface)-- i was not having any mail id association on my domain and i afraid that how i can crate an account,, then i typed then deleted some-name and started making proper steps for
I am not even getting -- why they asked me for mailid,, they can even,,ask me for direct domain name--

4) the bad things about the following...
see after redirection
should be displayed as
I have made complete CNAME setting,,
after typing
is automatically converting to

5) I have given some account to users and they are able to create their sites and they set permission as " domain user can view it and not edit" but still I (the administrator) am able to edit and make changes -- administrator can override their setting...
* It means you can not have fully private wiki -- (fully private wiki is esay personal site make tool) I use mediawiki ( as my personol wiki to make my all classroom notes online,
* It means that --suppose if i am boss of a company then I should become site administrator and make user and set changes-- and create sites-- if not i should give this duty to one person -- (let IT manager) and now he can fuck my page in the way he want,,, It does not even having level of administration --
* If I am having a organization then I will like to go with FREE drupal or similar things for these things,,

6) If a person is changing some page,, where he can make a small summery of changes,,,,
7) I am unable to see uncategorized sites,, though i am admin ... :( , how i can track , who is creating which site ??
8) tell me where is site export button
9) tell me how much storage has left on my account

They have made a new google app product -- and product is inspired from wiki but It is not a exactly wiki