10 October 2007

Firefox proxy Bug : Firefox is not responding

I use firefox with proxy setting. I use squid proxy server which is installed locally on my system.
I observed that many time clicking on firefox button doesn't work. if you click double it says that , firefox is already running. i was lucky that i found that this is due to squid proxy. Stopping the squid service will help you. after correct startup of firefox again start it.

Now if squid server is on remote location that you cannot edit the setting.
i have not checked answer for this question, may be you need to open the firefox in command line as off-line working mode, or detach the network cable, or may be you need to go firefox directory and edit the configuration. (I have not checked out any of these method , as i use local proxy server).

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Peder Rice said...

For the Googlers out there, this appears to be related to Bug 208287, which, since most Firefox users and developers historically have not been behind a proxy server, has gone untouched in ages.

Details here:

Hopefully we can prod a network specialist to get into the code base and fix it.

- Peder M Rice