15 October 2007

Drupal Configuration Problem on Godaddy

Hi Friends :
Today , I configured Drupal on my Godaddy hosting account.

Problem : Initially it was unable to configured and showing some problem, unable to connect local host,,

Solution : i went to hosting account and then mysql and clicked on open manager, i was that , mysql data base server was there at location,,,,
I clicked on advanced configuration and then changed localhost to
not every thing goes correct

Hope you will get benefited by this :

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11 October 2007

How to change extention of multilple files at once in shell

keywords : files, shell , backup extension

1 Add a extension (for example .old ) to selected files
======= content of file ./backup ======

for FILE in *.$1 ;do cp $FILE $FILE.old; done
exit 0
--------- end of file ---------------------
./backup html

result : all .html files are now .html.old

2 . Remove the extension to selected files

======== content of file ./unbackup =====
for FILE in *.old ; do cp $FILE `basename $FILE .old`; done
exit 0
all .html.old files are now copied to .html

3 . Remove all backup files

rm *.old

Search in side the bookmarks

First way =>
You can bookmark your bookmark page,
see all the bookmarks , are stored in html page.,
For example in my system the path to bookmarks page is
so open it in web browser,
like this,
Now press Ctrl+F and now you can search any bookmarks.
there is one good feature about the highlighting, so you can just click on highlight and scroll to see, (no need to click on next and next)

2 nd way
Google toolbar provide the way you can search
see this window , you can see it,

10 October 2007

Firefox proxy Bug : Firefox is not responding

I use firefox with proxy setting. I use squid proxy server which is installed locally on my system.
I observed that many time clicking on firefox button doesn't work. if you click double it says that , firefox is already running. i was lucky that i found that this is due to squid proxy. Stopping the squid service will help you. after correct startup of firefox again start it.

Now if squid server is on remote location that you cannot edit the setting.
i have not checked answer for this question, may be you need to open the firefox in command line as off-line working mode, or detach the network cable, or may be you need to go firefox directory and edit the configuration. (I have not checked out any of these method , as i use local proxy server).

07 October 2007

Godaddy 404 Problem

Godaddy 404 Problem
This is a copy of customer request , i made on godaddy, iwill upload their response, if they give!!
Hello sir , I am sending the problem and solution at the same time.
The Problem : I wanted to verify my site on some google services. verification can be done in two way. 1st by uploading a html file and second is adding a meta tag to home page. due to some reason i have to verify using uploading a html file. after uploading the file , the verification fails as it gives following code.
<-- Verification status: NOT VERIFIED Last attempt Oct 6, 2007: We've detected that your 404 (file not found) error page returns a status of 200 (Success) in the header. -->
This happen because your default 404 error page is not a real 404 page. it shows that files is nor there but this is a 200 OK response. you can see this using command line. use wget utility to download unavailable web page on some others user's website. command line clearly shows about the 200 OK response for the ftp upload information. What to do with setting so that it makes a real 404 response.

Solution :

there are three option in 404 error handling. default is 3rd one , which is my problem.

1st option which redirects 404 error to homepage is not a solution as it gives 200 OK status , and more over doing this is again a problem see

Now 2nd option is some custom file upload.

Can you give a way to create a file which i will upload and that will exist on your system and it gives some "file not found" display on browser but at the same time it gives 404 not found error code on command line? If you do not have any answer then this trick works !

actually I made a trick to do so, I ticked the 2nd option, and set a path to some custom uploaded file. now the trick is i have not uploaded the my custom error file. so whenever any user is making a invalid request , then i you are redirecting to my uploaded file. since i have not uploaded any file like that so,, now your server is making a real 404 not found page.

Sunday, October 07 2007 11:49 AM
Narendra Sisodiya