20 August 2007

Speed up Hostel PC using Port Forwording using ssh

Heart of this trick is this command
ssh -L 8080:localhost:80 narendra@

see my hostel pc is use 100 Mbps
and lab pc is use 10Mbps very slow

now hostel pc is very slow so, i put this command so that all the communication on my port 8080 will be directed to port 80 of my lab pc , so my hostel pc is as slow as previous but only one difference that my port 8080 is very fast , because all the communication of this port is actually is connected to PC lan, and not hostel lan,

So to make my hostel pc fast now we need to edit the proxy setting. go to "Network Proxy Preference" from menubar by click on system then preferences then Network Proxy on Fedora 7. This my updates of yumex goes very fast and download speed is also very fast, but from lab PC i can access my neighbour PC which is but i tried to access smb:// from hostel but not working so i will try latter to edit some setting so that you will be present to virtually on lan of institute from hostel PC.

Now its time to hack VNCVIEWER, from hostel PC you cannot connect the remote desktop to linux using vncviewer because of lan and network setting. and more over it you able to connect , then also the connection is not secure because nature of vnv protocol, so you can actually tunnel the vnc traffic inside a ssh in which you can forward your VNC port.
for more details

But most simple way , which i use with-out port forwarding,, ;)
$ ssh -X user-name@ip-address
$ vncviewer localhost

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Narendra Sisodiya said...

vncviewer has -via option,, so you can do this in one command in better way

$ vncviewer -via user-name@ip-address1 ip-address2