24 January 2007

bookmarks : Best Way To Share Web Resource

Hi Friends
I Love Fedora core 6 (a Linux Operating System) and unbeatable Firefox 2.0 (best internet browser, i dont know why people use Internet Explorer),
In Firefox you can make a bookmark (just like add to favorite in IE), you can save a lot of time of browsing by adding links to bookmarks, you can even group bookmarks into "logical folders" ,
I use to add useful pages to bookmarks and organize them properly so that others get benefited,
in Firefox you can export and import the bookmarks, the feature is : it export all bookmarks as .html file ,,
come to the point now :
i think if we share our bookmarks , it will be best resource as you can easily find out good links and organized way, so My bookmark page is just resealed
click it to see my bookmarks (hope somebody will definitely get benefit)
(i will update it regularly)
now what can you do is : you save this page and go to menu bar of firefox and click
Bookmarks | Organize Bookmarks ...
new window will pop up click
file | import | from file |
and give path of saved file narendra_bookmarks.html and click open
hope i will work properly to your system..........
publish your bookmarks also, Google provides ways to publish your files and pages..
but donot forget to send me a e-mail if publish your bookmark, i will make a mega bookmark page that will contain such bookmarks in very organized way... i need your help to help in case...
so hope we will see that bookmarks library soon so that every related information you will be able to achieve in few minutes.........

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